Automated Invoice Processing

Cleardata offers automated invoice processing solutions for UK businesses.  Automated processing helps to save a serious amount of time and money, compared with manual paper invoice processing, creating efficiencies and increasing the accuracy of captured data.

  • Capturing your invoices from their original source e.g. fax, email, electronic image or paper copy
  • Automatically extracting key information from your invoices, using clever software  for import into your financial systems
  • Validating your invoices and checking your invoice data against data files e.g. supplier name, amount and Purchase Order number
  • Matching and checking the purchase order system to make sure the invoice matches the original order
  • Workflow software to route your invoice to the appropriate department or manager within your business for approval or query.
  • Outputting financial data in a format compatible with your existing financial systems

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Cleardata is a UK document management company offering paperless consultancy and services. Our experienced consultants can map out your existing paper processes and provide an automated solution to suit your budget, business and requirements.

Cleardata ‘s automatic invoice processing services include digital mail room, invoice scanning and automated data capture services.  These solutions are backed up by the latest accounts payable technology,  providing automated data validation, document matching, data invoice processing workflow and authorisation technology.  The company is accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security and certified for handling financial data and information.

Automatic invoice processing

Many companies are still using old fashioned ways to process their  invoices, producing massive amounts of paper, photocopying, postage costs , manual data entry and phone costs. If your business processes large quantities of invoices every month, you should consider the cost and time savings to your business such as:

  • reduced paper and printing costs
  • saving time manually entering financial data into your systems
  • improving the accuracy of your data
  • producing timely payments to suppliers
  • errors in supplier payments, such as over payments and duplicated payments
  • reducing time spent on the phone dealing with supplier queries

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