By Georgie Morgan on 19th Oct 2017

Are your business records prepared for severe weather?

With Britain preparing for seven named storms before Christmas, it’s time to think about securing your business documents and records management. Many businesses are affected by flooding, which can cause severe losses for customer information and operational documents. Is your business in a flood zone? The bill for Storm Desmond was estimated to be £1.3… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 17th Oct 2017

GDPR Consultancy Services

Are you worried about GDPR and how it will affect your company’s records management? Cleardata offers GDPR consultancy services and GDPR records management which can help your business prepare for the new requirements.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest and most significant change regarding data privacy in the last 20 years. It… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 5th Oct 2017

The Benefits of Outsourcing your Company’s Mailroom Operations

Does your company have issues managing invoices or other documents when they arrive by mail? Opening, sorting and processing thousands of documents that arrive at your company by email and post can be a time consuming task, particularly if your organisation is regularly inundated with incoming mail. BPO services, such as outsourcing your mailroom, can… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 29th Sep 2017

Increase Efficiency in Car Manufacturing with Vehicle History Card Document Digitisation

Physically storing thousands of important records, such as vehicle log cards in a large warehouse can be rather problematic, especially if it’s situated separately to the main office. This can be very unproductive for your business if regular car history checks need to be carried out, requiring constant retrieval of the files. Document digitisation can… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 21st Sep 2017

Eliminate Manual Processing with Robotic Process Automation

What is RPA? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an intelligent computer software or a ‘robot’ that can capture, process and automate existing applications that involve repetitive tasks, high-volume data and rules-based processes. Ultimately, RPA can replace certain procedures that would previously require a human to perform. The advanced software can be applied to a range… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 11th Sep 2017

Automated Invoice Exception Handling

If you work in the Accounts Payable world you’ll be more than familiar with Invoice exceptions. This ongoing problem can be the prime cause in delaying payments and causing frustration with your team and suppliers. Common Issues such as no purchase order number, incorrect quantities, net amounts or incorrect supplier/legal entity can be costly if… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 31st Aug 2017

How Protected are Your Documents in the Office?

Data Protection With the new GDPR data protection regulations coming into force next year, it’s time to take stock and review your business’s risk for documents stored onsite. The introduction of GDPR will see an increase in monetary penalties for businesses. Up to 4% of your global turnover or £20,000,000 – whichever is greater. Find… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 21st Aug 2017

A Guide to Accounts Payable Process Automation – Download Cleardata’s White Paper

Cleardata has created a white paper guide to invoice process automation. The guide aims to help your business identify potential problems that your AP team may be facing in regards to invoice processing and provides solutions on how to overcome these challenges. It also includes information on selecting the right processing approach, making invoice management… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 24th Jul 2017

Improve Efficiency in the Accounts Department with OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and OCR scan services has proven to benefit companies for years, especially the Accounts department due to the high volume of paper and electronic documents which need to be processed quickly. Although it’s not a recent discovery, this technology can be beneficial for organisations to implement, saving valuable time and money… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 19th Jul 2017

Scan Maps, Plans and Drawings for the Construction Industry

Cleardata provides large plan scanning services for the construction industry. This involves scanning a variety of large documents that are used within construction, such as architectural drawings, survey maps and specifications. The company’s drawing scanners can capture documents up to A0 in width and up to 2 metres in length, in both colour and mono, allowing… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 11th Jul 2017

Seven Simple Steps in Successfully Storing Your Documents

Storing important records off site can be hugely beneficial for your company. Not only does the solution create office space and encourage a more productive atmosphere, but outsourcing documents means they’re constantly secure 24 hours a day. Searching for individual files will also prove to be significantly quicker with barcode tracking, instead of rummaging through… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 4th Jul 2017

Cleardata’s New £1.5m Archive Storage Facility is Now Open for Business

Cleardata is thrilled to announce its brand new archive storage facility on Hawarden Business Park, in the Deeside Enterprise Zone, near Chester is now officially open for business. Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure officially opened the building on Friday 30th June, along with English International Footballer Michael Owen. After the initial ceremony… Read More