Scanning Bureau Management System

Cleardata has developed a unique, purpose built scanning bureau resource management system , Barcode Scanner - Document Scanningto efficiently manage its scanning operations and meet customer expectations.  The system monitors document movement throughout the bureau and measures time taken for each task, providing:-

  • Secure document movement and audit trail
  • Project and Task Management
  • Customer Information and Reporting 

Secure movement and audit trail

Documents are checked in/out for each part of the scanning process using bar-code scanners. Processes include prep, scanning, quality check, index, archive, transport and shred.  Every time a Cleardata operative actions or moves the boxes, the bar-code scanners are utilised, providing a full electronic audit trail by operative, time and job number.

Job status and management

The bureau resource management system looks at the scanning projects on transport, with the required end date in mind for delivery. It assesses equipment outputs and our staff task matrix, refining the throughput to meet customer time-scales and requirements.  It works alongside our bar-code system, providing a job status for each project and provides our operations team an opportunity to respond to busy periods through extended shift patterns or overtime.

This scanning bureau system provides a daily scanning schedule to ensure effective job and project management, it gives each staff member their daily tasks split into 15 minute segments, and is displayed on a large screen in all areas of the Cleardata scanning facility.


Reports can be provided to the customer via the Resource Management System giving up to date information on the progress of their job.