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By Jan Cahill on 21st Apr 2016

Offsite Document Storage Services vs Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets have been used for many years and are probably the most common storage method used for housing important business information. But are they the most practical? Even the most organised filing cabinet can make searching for documents a real hassle. Offsite document storage services allows information to be retrieved quickly and efficiently. Other… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 20th Apr 2016

Improve customer service through digital mailroom services

In today’s challenging market environment, customer expectations are higher than ever. Excellent communication and responsiveness could be what sets your business apart from the competition. Digital mailroom services enables information to be automatically classified, scanned and quickly returned to the correct members of staff. Faster processing times means employees can communicate with customers much more effectively,… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 13th Apr 2016

Cleardata passes BSI’s annual audit for ISO27001 & ISO9001

The Cleardata team are celebrating after passing BSI’s annual inspection for ISO27001 Information Security and ISO9001 Quality Management. The company continue to remain compliant with requirements set out under ISO27001 and ISO9001, giving customers complete confidence that information is handled and controlled in line with the best industry practices. Cleardata provide a range of digital… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 11th Apr 2016

How confidential document scanning can protect your sensitive information

The potential impact of confidential information falling into the wrong hands could be detrimental for organisations. Failure to comply with the rules regulations set out under The Data Protection Act 1998, can result in hefty fines issued from the Information Commissioner’s Office. Scanning confidential records and storing them in the cloud assists companies in protecting… Read More