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By Jan Cahill on 25th Aug 2016

Accounts Payable Processing – Go Paperless

Accounts payable processing can be labour intensive, especially for businesses receiving invoices and other financial documentation in paper format. Many companies find themselves allocating key members of staff to cope with incoming paperwork and complete manual tasks such as sorting, scanning, data input, validation and approvals. Paperless accounts payable is faster, more accurate and less… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 2nd Aug 2016

Automatically classify invoices utilising electronic invoicing

Categorisation of invoices can be a challenging task for accounts payable departments, especially due to the increasing number of ways they can arrive into your business, for example paper, email, fax and EDI (electronic data interchange). Electronic invoicing services from Cleardata allows all incoming invoices to be automatically classified and processed through a single connection…. Read More