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By Jan Cahill on 15th Mar 2021

Downsizing your office location?

Download our latest PDF to find out how Cleardata’s Digital Solutions can help with downsizing your office locations. Downsizing Your Office Location

By Jan Cahill on 12th Mar 2021

2021 is the year to automate accounts payable and improve efficiency!

This year is the time to invest and automate accounts payable functions for your finance team. The 2021 budget has been announced by the government, providing a great opportunity for businesses to start making big moves when it comes to their tech investments and planning for growth.  Investing businesses will see a 25p return for… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 12th Mar 2021

Utilities Record Management – Digitise & Improve Access

Utility companies have many divisions and departments, all of which produce high volumes of paperwork to ensure they adhere to regulatory requirements. The market is constantly changing and requires the effective management of thorough utility records.  Cleardata provides document management services to many utility companies. We efficiently digitise records in accordance with GDPR guidelines and… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 1st Mar 2021

Supercharge your accounts department with Invoice processing automation.

Invoice processing automation may be a high priority for many businesses following the challenges faced last year.  Keeping invoices paid in a timely manner is key to maintaining successful supplier relationships and this can be problematic for home working AP staff,  unable to access normal business systems or incoming paper invoices.  Invoice processing automation, combined… Read More