5 Reasons To Protect Your Data – 1 Solution

Cloud Based Document Management
If not protected correctly, your business data and documentation can be extremely vulnerable. Fire and flood damage could potentially wipe out your entire organisations paperwork, or unsecure data could find its way into the wrong hands.

Backing up essential paperwork in a Cloud Document Management System protects data and documentation from endless eventualities. Contracts, Personnel Records and Financial Information, can be restricted and protected from potential threats. Other reasons to secure and protect your information, include:-

1 – Data Protection

The Data Protection Act (DPA) can issue fines of up to £500,000 for non-compliance. Storing documents in the cloud, allows businesses to track and meet specified standards set out under the DPA. Information can be restricted at user level and through password protection, enabling documents to be viewed and retrieved by only those intended. Information no longer needs to be taken out of the office and users can access files securely from any location, using a web browser.

2 – Disaster Recovery

Storing  information in the cloud provides a backup of essential records and eliminates the risk of fire or flood damage. Even those documents that have been accidentally deleted from the system can be retrieved within a certain time period.

3 – Improved Efficiency

Cloud Document Management, enables staff to work more efficiency, in and out of the office. Project collaboration means staff can update documents accordingly, and with full version control and audit trail, individuals can keep track of all activity.

4 – Reduced Costs

Office prices are continually on the up, storing records in the cloud can save valuable office space. One extra filing cabinet may not seem costly, but consider the amount of time your staff spend looking for information, when they could be focusing on core business activities.

5 – Improved Customer Communication

Businesses are often challenged by the demands of their customers. Nowadays customers expect and want fast, efficient turnarounds. Communicating with customers has never been more important. Integrated cloud workflow, allows documents to be routed to the correct department for example customer services. Speeding up processing times and allowing the correct members of staff to respond to customers more efficiently.

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