5 Reasons Why You Should Be Storing Company Documents Off-Site

Document Storage North WalesDespite being in the 21st century where organisations are encouraged to be environmentally friendly and store their documents electronically, we understand the need for companies still wanting to archive certain confidential paper records.

For many businesses, retaining paper-based documents isn’t only preferable but it can also be a legal requirement. For instance certain hard-copy documents have to be kept for a long period of time e.g. patient records, PAYE details, occupational health records and accident reports.

However, storing thousands of documents on-site can be rather problematic. It doesn’t only drastically reduce the amount of space within your offices but your company may not be equipped with the security measures to ensure the safety and protection of your important documents.

Fortunately, Cleardata provides a secure offsite document storage facility that includes a variety of benefits on why you should be storing your documents off site, with the company’s secure document storage services.

Here are 5 reasons why your company should archive their documents with Cleardata:

1 – Space

Having your documents stored on-site can take up an enormous amount of space, even when they’re located in filing cabinets or kept in a specific warehouse.

By moving your documents and having them stored at one of our secure archive facilities in either Newcastle or Chester, you would be creating valuable space in your own premises. Whether this space is to be used for a less-cluttered working environment or it’s to be allocated for other purposes, it’s room in which to run your business.

2 – Security

Storing your own documents makes your company very vulnerable by risking important records in being damaged, stolen or getting lost.

As specialists in providing secure document storage services, Cleardata’s enhanced secure sites ensure that your sensitive paper files are completely protected against natural and incidental disasters.

The company’s two main document storage facilities are protected by the latest technology and security. Both sites are monitored by 24/7 CCTV and biometric fingerprint entry that is required to enter, as well as a secure perimeter fence surrounding the buildings. The company also complies with the data protection act and is accredited with ISO27001 and IS09001 for quality management and information security.

The facility is also equipped with Redcare security systems, which alerts the police and fire brigade team if an intruder attempts to enter. A Vesda enhanced fire detection system, hydrosense water detection system, a temperature controlled gauge and an argon gas protected storage are all installed. These systems detect smoke, water and temperature to ensure your documents are fully protected.

3 – Fast Document Access

Locating particular documents may prove to be rather difficult if it’s stored in your own premises. Rummaging through filing cabinets to search for a single document can be frustrating and rather time consuming.

Custom indexing and retrieval methods can be required when you archive your documents with Cleardata. The company offers a scan on demand system which is part of Cleardata’s document storage services. This allows customers to request documents to be digitally sent to them within two hours. This way Cleardata can locate and send the documents to you as quickly as if they were stored at your company.

4 – Increased Workflow and Employee Efficiency

Filing, sorting and locating documents takes a lot of time which is subsequently wasting your company time and money employing staff to ultimately search through documents.

Outsourcing your documents to Cleardata means your staff will be employed to do their actual job and benefiting your company rather than constantly filing documents. As Cleardata can scan and digitally send required documents straight to your desktop within 2 hours, it saves a large amount of employee time. Additionally, sharing and promoting your documents online is much simpler and convenient which ultimately speeds up work processes.

5 – Archive Management

Not only is searching for your documents hassle but attempting to manage and identify what documents you actually have is equally annoying.

Cleardata offers a bespoke online document archive management system that allows archive storing customers to manage their documents life cycle. Clients are able to make a physical file request, arrange collections and deliveries to add additional documents to archive, manage the destruction of documents and view the activity and audit trails. This records management system means customers will always be in control of their own documents and can simply request required actions regarding their life cycle.

For further information on Cleardata’s secure document storage services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081. Alternatively, you can view a quick quote on storing your archives here.