Secure Document Storage Facility

Secure Document Storage
Cleardata offers secure document storage and scanning facilities. Our modern  UK premises have been designed for the highest standards of document management, security and protection.

The facility has been inspected by many NHS, Local Authority and Pharmaceutical companies and meets their high compliance standards.  The company has also been accredited to the latest ISO standards, including ISO27001 and ISO9001.

The main warehouses can store over 180,000 archive boxes and the scanning bureau, captures over 3 million images each month.

We’re proud of our building, which is fitted out with the latest systems to ensure our client’s records are securely protected.  Features include:-


Biometric entry systems

Cleardata’s premises are protected by biometric fingerprint entry systems.  All employees are registered, with the system requiring staff to place their finger on the reader to gain access.  This solution also provides a record of access events to our premises by time and date.


Redcare security systems

Our intruder and fire alarms are both protected by Redcare Security. This immediately links the alarms are with the police and fire brigade, ensuring that emergency services are instantly contacted in the event of a fire or security incident.


24 hour CCTV monitoring

All areas of our facilities, including our archive storage warehouse, scanning bureau, digital mailroom, offices and property exterior are monitored by 24 hour CCTV.   Providing surveillance inside and outside our premises to deter criminal activity and monitor all staff activities whilst handling documentation.


Secure perimeter fencing

Our premises are protected by secure perimeter palisade fencing. This provides high-level security for our warehouse and scanning facility. Palisade fencing is vandal resistant, hard to climb and difficult to damage, offering the ultimate protection.


Vesda Enhanced Fire Detection System

Innovation House and Inspiration House are both fitted out with a VESDA system – (Very Early Smoke Detection Alert.) This is an enhanced fire detection system which continuously monitors and tests the air to detect smoke.  This system can detect tiny particles of smoke, providing an early warning system for fire.   Argon gas protected storage is also available – see below for more information.


Hydrosense Water detection system

Cleardata’s premises have a hydrosense water leakage detection system, which protects our warehouse facility from any water ingress, to prevent any damage to documents and paperwork.  The system continuously monitors the premises for any water leaks.


Temperature controlled storage facility

Our secure document storage facility is temperature controlled to provide the perfect environment for your documents and paperwork.  This ensures there are no issues with damp or humidity, offering safe, long term storage for your information.

Secure Document Scanning

Argon Gas Protected Storage

As soon as your documents arrive at our storage facilities, they will be placed in our argon gas protected storage facilities. Until documents have been scanned, they are extremely sensitive and so we take extra precautions to ensure your documents are completely safe. The argon facility has an inert gas system so if smoke is detected, it will immediately reduce oxygen levels to prevent a fire igniting. We are very proud of this facility and it reassures clients that their records are in the safest hands.

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