Tender Opportunities

Cleardata currently has the following tender opportunity available:-

Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Building Work at Easter Park, Cramlington, Newcastle Upon-Tyne.

Cleardata UK Ltd invites you to submit a tender to provide building work for Cleardata at our new site, address:

Unit 2, Easter Park, Baker Road, Nelson Park West, Cramlington, NE23 1WQ

Upon request we will provide you with a specification to adhere to, to be able to provide the building work to our expectations and organise an opportunity for you to visit the site, to complete a site survey.

To simplify exchange of information regarding this Invitation to Tender (ITT) please nominate a Bid Manager and relevant telephone numbers and email addresses.

Please direct any questions regarding the ITT content or process to the Cleardata UK Ltd. representatives named below. You should not contact other Cleardata UK Ltd personnel unless directed to do so.  Cleardata UK Ltd. reserves the right to disqualify and reject proposals from suppliers who do not comply with these guidelines.  All questions should be submitted in writing to the email address below.

Only communications made by your Bid Manager to our named representative, Lee Bryce will be taken into account during the pre-contract tender period.

Tender Timeline

September 21st 2020 – Request to Tender 

– At this stage Cleardata will provide you with the requested specification.

October 5th 2020

– Provision of Tender Quote 

November/December 2020 –  Commence and complete the build

As part of this tender process Cleardata UK Ltd makes no obligations in any way to:

(i)         pay any vendor for any ITT response; or

(ii)        award the contract with the lowest or any bidder; or

(iii)       accept any ITT information received from vendors; or

(iv)       include vendors responding to this ITT, in any future invitation; or

(v)        any other commitment to vendors whatsoever.

I look forward to receiving your response.

Lee Bryce

Project Procurement Lead