Archive Storage London

Cleardata provides professional, secure and cost-effective document storage for London-based businesses. They offer a full range of services relating to archive storage, from document collection and safe storage in our dedicated facility to an online archive management system and scan on demand service.

As a fully accredited document management company, Cleardata is trusted by countless businesses throughout London and the rest of the UK. To find out more about Cleardata’s services and how we can help your business create more space and run more efficiently, contact us today on 0800 046 8081 or using our contact form.

Why Choose Offsite Archive Storage?

While the world may be moving towards paperless, many companies still have and need paper documentation. Unfortunately, storing years’ worth of physical documents can take up lots of space at your business premises. With London rents being as high as they are, paying premium office space simply for storing documents doesn’t make financial sense.

In addition, having documents stored onsite can pose serious security risks. With GDPR and other strict data security regulations applying to UK businesses, you need to be sure that sensitive information can only be accessed by authorised persons.

With archive storage from Cleardata:

  • You can free up room at your premises to use as additional office space or for other purposes.
  • Your documents are stored at a secure facility with biometric entry, extremely sensitive fire alarms, 24-hour CCTV and more, meaning they are always safe from theft and disasters.
  • Documents are collected directly from your London premises by one of Cleardata’s secure, tracked vehicles.
  • You can access archived documents online at any time using Cleardata’s Archive Management System and Scan on Demand service (read more below).

Cleardox AMS (Archive Management System)

Cleardata has developed its own online management system, Cleardox, so that clients always have an overview of their archived documents. The system allows you to fully manage your archived documents along their lifecycle. You can view box status and content reports, manage destruction dates in line with retention periods, view full audit trails and more. Read all about Cleardox Archive Management System here.

Scan On Demand

Cleardata makes it easy for you to view documents that are archived, thanks to its scan on demand service. You can simply submit a file request through the Archive Management System – a member of the Cleardata team will then retrieve the physical document, scan it and securely send you a digital copy. The document is then returned to the secure storage facility. You can read more about Cleardata’s scan on demand services here.

Why Choose Cleardata?

  • Fully GDPR compliant and accredited to BS10012, ISO9001, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and BS10008:2014.
  • Trusted by local authorities, the NHS and blue chip organisations alike.
  • State-of-the-art archive storage facilities.
  • Full archiving services available, from collection and filing of documents through to storage, retrieval and document destruction.
  • 136 professional document management staff, 4 million scans per month and 250 million documents stored.

From Canary Wharf to Shoreditch, wherever your business is based in London, Cleardata can provide you with the perfect tailored archive storage solution. Contact us today to find out more!