Document Shredding Services

Document Shredding Service – Overview

Document Shredding Services

Did you know that, no matter the size or sector of your business, all business owners have a legal responsibility to destroy all sensitive and confidential documents when they are no longer required and failure to do so could have serious ramifications? Businesses require an easy and comprehensive method of document destruction to ensure they do not fall afoul of the law. 

Wherever you are located in the UK, Cleardata provides a secure data collection and paper shredding service that fully complies with data protection legislation.

Cleardata works to BS EN 15713 the secure destruction of confidential material code of practice and is accredited to ISO27001 (Information Security).  Documents are destroyed to MOD standards and level 4 security. Our company is a trusted provider of confidential document shredding services to private and public sector companies throughout the UK including the National Health Service (NHS), local government authorities, banks and more.

Call our helpful team today to discuss your document disposal requirements – by outsourcing your paper shredding services to Cleardata you can have peace of mind that your information will be destroyed in a controlled and compliant manner.

Why Choose Us?

  • Secure Paper Shredding Services: Our confidential document disposal services ensure documents are destroyed to high level 4 security
  • Certificate of Destruction: Certificate of destruction provided for all shredded documentation
  • Environmentally Friendly: Shredded paper recycled, in compliance with environmental legislation
  • Accredited: Security cleared staff, business accredited for quality management and information security systems
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What can we shred?

Our industrial shredder can handle paper, credit cards, cardboard, books, even CD’s and DVD’s. The shredder can handle over 500 sheets of paper at once, providing bulk document shredding capabilities. With Cleardata, bulk document shredding becomes a quick and painless process.

What about security?

One of the most important aspects of document shredding is ensuring that your documents are stored securely before shredding. Our document shredding service is provided in a secure storage facility. Secure archive storage is available with managed destruction dates for your documentation, files and paperwork.

  • Shredding is booked into our facility using barcode labelling
  • Documents stored securely
  • Building protected by biometric entry systems
  • Accessible by authorised staff only
  • We are accredited to ISO27001  for information security so you can rest assured your documents are in safe hands.
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The Process

Document Collection

Whether you need one off shredding or regular shredding, we collect documents from small and medium sized businesses, large businesses, blue chip companies and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

On arrival at your organisation, our dependable drivers will secure and tag your bags as well as use a barcode management system to safeguard your documents – this unique system allows you to track your information from collection through to destruction.

Paper Shredding Services

Our state of the art, powerful industrial shredding equipment and experienced staff make certain that your documents and media are destroyed to MOD standard or security level 4.

Shredding bulk amounts of paperwork, cardboard, CD’s, books, tapes and more, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your documents were destroyed appropriately and securely.


Cleardata offers secure document destruction, always complying with the Data Protection Act and information security policies and procedures.  All paper is recycled in line with environmental legislation.

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Benefits of Paper Shredding

Outsourcing your document shredding to Cleardata offers so many advantages to your company:

Reduced Costs

As legislation changes so frequently and costs mount in relation to disposal of waste, you can guarantee savings when you contact Cleardata to securely collect and destroy your data.

Avoid Corporate and Identity Theft

With identity theft on the rise, shredding paperwork and documents will prevent private information from falling into the wrong hands.  Cleardata is committed to keeping your business safe through secure, confidential document shredding services.

Complying with Legislation

Cleardata’s confidential and secure shredding services have been designed to meet legal and data protection requirements.

Helping the Environment

By choosing secure document shredding over landfill, you will be helping the environment.

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