Scan On Demand Services

Cleardata’s secure archive storage comes with a flexible scan on demand service allowing you to securely store your documents offsite and retrieve them quickly and easily, as and when you need them.  

How scan on demand works

Our secure document storage facility is protected by the latest in Fire detection, Redcare Security and Biometric Finger Print Entry.  Accredited for Information Security,  Quality Management Systems, Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information and Secure Destruction Services.

Cleardata’s team can index your archives by any required field e.g. File Number, Name, Date of Birth, enabling you to find and access your information to suit your business needs. This can also help you to meet GDPR compliance guidelines.

Our business premises contains a state-of-the-art scanning bureau, with the ability to scan millions of images per month. If you require a particular document, you can request it via our cloud archive management system and our team will retrieve and digitally return it in an agreed format.

This document archive and retrieval service offers you great savings. And not just monetary savings: you’ll also save time searching for important files.

Scan on demand provides an environmentally friendly retrieval service, reducing physical deliveries for your documentation and ultimately your carbon footprint. It’s also a fast retrieval solution, no matter where you’re based in the UK.

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How Scan on Demand Storage Works…

  • Store your documents off-site in our secure facility, with onsite document scanning bureau
  • Request file retrievals online using our Cleardox system.
  • Our team will locate and scan your document (s) and upload them to a secure ftp site for you to digitally retrieve and access within hours of your initial request
  • Your paperwork will then be returned to our secure document storage facility and an electronic audit trail will be logged.

This popular Cleardata Document Storage service has proven economical to those companies who wish to retain archived documents but don’t have the budget to have all their documentation scanned.

Using our archiving and on-demand scanning services also frees up lots of space in your office.  Fit in a few more desks and use for other core business activities, increasing your business profitability.

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Scanning 100% of your documents is not always cost effective and that’s why our Archive Scanning & Scan on Demand Service offers so many benefits:

Saving you Money

You can request the scanning of specific documents as and when you need them. No more expensive delivery costs and you’ll help the environment as well.

Document Storage and Retrieval

No matter where you are located in the country, Cleardata can access and scan your documents for viewing within two hours of your request.

Improved Customer Service

Finding documents when you need them can be difficult and time consuming and will be frustrating to both you and your customers as they await a response to their questions and queries.

When you store documents with Cleardata, we can retrieve your documents, scan them and send to them to you via a secure website quickly and reliably.

Increased Office Space

When you use the Archive Scanning and Scan on Demand services provided by Cleardata, you will gain increased office space – no more cluttered floors, paperwork, files and boxes.

Document Protection

Safely storing documents at Cleardata avoids the distressing risk of your information becoming lost, stolen or destroyed.

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