Are your business records prepared for severe weather?

Are Your Business Records Prepared for Severe Weather? - CleardataWith Britain preparing for seven named storms before Christmas, it’s time to think about securing your business documents and records management. Many businesses are affected by flooding, which can cause severe losses for customer information and operational documents.

Is your business in a flood zone?

The bill for Storm Desmond was estimated to be £1.3 billion by the Association of British Insurers in 2016. This included damage to homes, businesses and vehicles.

Records Management – Things to do…

  • Investigate where your records are currently stored
  • How often do you access your records? This can help you decided whether you should scan or securely store your information
  • Many business use containers, which can be at risk of flood
  • Are your premises in a flood zone?

Cleardata can offer the following records management solutions to ensure your important documents don’t get lost or damaged:

Document Storage

Outsource your documents to our secure document storage facility where they will be protected by enhanced water detection, early smoke detection and security systems. Documents can be retrieved and digitally returned quickly using our scan on demand service.

Document Scanning

Scan your documents to digital format and instantly back up your paperwork. Many business think of backing up their computers, but often forget about their paperwork until it’s too late.

Cloud Document Management

Once your important documents are scanned, store them in the cloud (the one that won’t rain on your records) for quick and easy access from any location! Multiple users can be added to the system with relevant access levels.

If you’d like more information on how Cleardata can help your company with records management, please contact our team on 0800 046 8081 or email us at