Automated Document Processing

Many businesses deal with overwhelming volumes of data on a daily basis. This often requires employees working full-time on administration and data handling, which can be even less efficient for your business if the data is unstructured.

One of the biggest frustrations for employees is needlessly time-consuming and outdated processes. With automated document processing, you can ensure your data is not only comprehensively structured but also that your staff are free from these repetitive tasks which could lead to inconsistencies and mistakes in your data.

If your business is spending too much time on manual document processing, Cleardata’s automated processing services are proven to be an effective solution.

What is intelligent document processing?

Using  Intelligent Data Capture, information is processed from structured documents such as forms or surveys. Documents are scanned with a text recognition system and then automatically processed into the ideal format for your business. Cleardata can help to automate and optimise the full lifecycle of your electronic or paper documents to relieve your business of its manual processing burdens.

Our state-of-the-art OCR scanning technology converts all kinds of documents into a readable format for automatic processing; from handwritten surveys to order barcodes and various other documents with defined data fields. We can even help you to redesign your documents to standardise data fields for the automation process.

Our Kodak technology enables us to scan up to 410 images per minute, and with our 2 x 100% quality checking service you can rest assured that your documents will not only be processed quickly but also to a high degree of accuracy.

Automated Document Processing – Benefits

Automated document processing provides so many benefits that it can be difficult to find reasons not to make the switch. With automated processing, your business will have:

  • Greater data security: storing data online is more secure than physical or local storage. Electronic documents also make audit trails easier to perform and keep your data safe from fire, flood, and theft.
  • Higher data accuracy: data is extracted with minimal human intervention to prevent potential mistakes.
  • Better GDPR compliance: documents are easily indexed and retrieved within the 30-day time window of data requests.
  • Improved data control: document lifecycles can be monitored closely.
  • Improved workflow: documents are processed, searched for and retrieved quickly, giving staff more time to focus on core business tasks.
  • Reduced cost: money can be invested elsewhere instead of on document processing labour, paper cost, and data mistakes.
  • Better sustainability compliance: for those working towards more sustainable offices, document automation means less paper and less physical filing space needed.
  • Faster turnaround times: payments can be made faster and with fewer mistakes.

All of these benefits lead to greater productivity, efficiency, and decision making in the workplace, which in turn provides greater customer and employee satisfaction.

Cleardata offers a comprehensive service of accounts payable automation solutions for your business. We can even arrange for your documents to be sent directly to us with our digital mailroom service. Your mail will be diverted to a PO Box address, where we can automatically process, classify, and distribute your mail to the correct respondents.

Invoice processing and management

Invoices can take up a large amount of staff time to manually process, involving tasks such as data entry and validation.  Our automated invoice processing service can automatically extract the key data from your invoices, ready for import straight into your chosen financial software. 

We also provide invoice exception automation, reviewing incoming invoices based on your specified rules and regulations. This will speed up your invoice processing and give your employees more freedom to focus on other Accounts Payable tasks.

Sales order processing

Cleardata can process your customer orders and purchase orders in a consistent, structured format. This helps to ensure orders are accurately fulfilled, which will ultimately improve your processes and reduce the number of issues or returns. We can also compare and validate your incoming orders against your database so that pricing and order numbers are confirmed as correct and any arising issues are escalated promptly.

Cleardata for automated processing

The Cleardata team comprises fully certified experts in data management. We are accredited for Quality Management, Information Security and Cyber Security, with external accreditation from BSI, ensuring that your data is completely safe in our hands.

We have worked with several blue-chip organisations, NHS trusts and local authorities to improve their processes with document automation. Check out our case studies to learn more.

To find out more about our automated document processing services , please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help. Call 0800 046 8081 or contact us