Automated Onboarding Processes – HR & Recruitment

If you’re working in HR or Recruitment you may be interested to know that many of your manual onboarding and recruitment tasks can now be done in a different way using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Technology.

It may seem futuristic, but robots can now be used to complete some of the straightforward admin tasks that take up a lot of HR time on a daily basis.  I’m not talking about a physical robot sitting in your office, but cloud-based software, which can be programmed to perform checks based on your rules, send emails to candidates or even enter data into your HR/Recruitment system.

Automated Recruitment and Employee Onboarding Services - RPA

Cleardata’s Robocloud RPA Service offers the ability to hire a digital worker for an agreed amount of hours per week to do those important admin tasks that nobody else wants to do.

For anyone working in HR or Recruitment, you’ll be aware of the number of manual processes involved.  From dealing with applications through job portals, to checking paperwork for compliance and then onboarding your employees.  These jobs can involve a lot of admin time and be a distraction from other key tasks.

Using modern RPA (robotic process automation) technology, you can free up your time, process data accurately and speed up your recruitment and employee onboarding.  This new RPA service can also overcome issues with system integration, acting as the glue between your recruitment, HR and operational systems without having to invest in integration.  The digital workers can update systems quickly and efficiently.

Check out our latest Robocloud case study which involved automating recruitment processes for a new startup business who wanted to ensure compliance, save time adding data to their CRM platform from job portals, automate timesheet reporting and perform financial checks for new clients.

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