Backup & protect your paperwork from flood damage

Has Your Business Protected Its Paperwork From Flooding?
With Winter fast approaching, businesses should be considering the risks of flood damage to key paperwork.  Digitising paperwork or storing offsite, in a secure archive facility, will protect your key business records, e.g HR files, financial documents, operational records or company plans

Consider the impact of losing your paperwork and how this would affect your business. Important customer information, supplier records, order documentation, or even maintenance records for equipment can be vital to the day to day running for your company.

Key Questions…

Where are your documents currently stored?

What type of documents are archived?

Are they in a flood risk zone?

Are they held in a secure environment?

Who has access to them?

Don’t wait for disaster to strike, take steps to protect your paperwork as part of your business continuity plans.  Services to consider include:- document scanning, archive storage and cloud document management solutions.

As well as instantly protecting and backing up key information, your business will benefit from:-

  • Quick document retrieval
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Flexible access to information through cloud document management
  • Increased office space

Document Scanning Services

Scanning bureaus provide high volume back scanning services to capture your archived records or offer regular scanning of incoming documents, such as invoices or claims forms. Digitising paperwork instantly protects your information. Additional services such as automated data capture services,can also help reduce processing costs, by capturing data from everyday documents.  Watch our document scanning services video below to find out more:-

Archive Storage Services

Storing information in purpose built document storage facility with enhanced security, fire and flood detection, will safeguard your records from the elements. Access to paperwork can be provided through a scan on demand service, which enables files to be scanned and returned electronically with a fast turnaround. Watch Cleardata’s 60 second secure archive storage services video below:-

Cloud Document Management

The system enables Information to be securely stored and accessed from any location using a web browser. Files can be automatically classified by type with associated metadata for fast retrieval. Version control ensures all staff are using up to date templates, audit trail provides full activity history and workflow can be utilised to send files between multiple departments for approval. See our cloud document management video below:-

Protect your paperwork from flood risk today!  To find out more about our, document scanning, archive storage and document management solutions, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.