In–House Batch Scanning vs Outsourced Scanning

Finance and procurement departments deal with large volumes of paperwork on a daily basis. Supplier contracts, tender proposals and budget reports, make up only a small percentage of documents, used by staff to complete various tasks.

In an attempt to save office space and back up important information, companies often try to scan paperwork in-house, using multifunctional office scanners. These scanners are not purpose built for batch scanning and cause numerous problems, including:-

  • Duplicate feedsBatch Scanning Services
  • Paper jams
  • Poor image quality
  • Wasted staff time
  • Maintenance issues

Outsourcing your scanning requirements, allows staff to concentrate on valuable tasks, instead of wasting time scanning paperwork.  Cleardata is setup to manage high volumes of scanning. The company has invested in the latest technologies, to provide quick turnarounds in comparison to in-house scanning.

Cleardata’s Batch Scanning Services

Cleardata’s scanning bureau is equipped with high production scanners, capable of digitising up to 420 images per minute.

Scanners will automatically remove duplicate feeds and enhance image quality. The company is also one of the first scanning bureaus to be certified to the new BS10008:2014 standard for Legal Admissibility (read more).

On pick up, boxes are given a unique barcode reference, allowing them to be tracked during transport and throughout every movement in the bureau.

The company use a unique in-house bureau management system, enabling staff to successfully manage high volumes of regular scanning. The system works with Cleardata’s barcode system and provides the bureau operations team with a job status reports for each project.

Digitised images are uploaded to Cleardata’s cloud document management system, enabling staff to securely retrieve information.

Indexing using pre agreed naming conventions, gives you quick access to your information.

For further information about Cleardata’s Batch Scanning Services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081.