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By Jan Cahill on 1st Apr 2019

Spring Clean Your Documents with Cleardata

Happy 1st April!  Springtime is well on the way and people around the UK are preparing to welcome the new season with a thorough spring clean. There couldn’t be a better time to assess and transform your current business document management systems. Running any business requires a vast number of documents, however, it’s easy for… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 13th Mar 2019

Save Your Company Money With Offsite Document Storage

Some businesses only consider moving their document storage offsite when their premises are really struggling with capacity and they are in desperate need of more space. Of course, freeing up extra space in your business is a big plus for offsite document storage, but the benefits don’t stop there. In fact, arguably an even more… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 4th Feb 2019

Why Going Paperless Is The Future

Talk of the paperless office has grown in recent years, however, with so much speculation it can often be difficult to sort the fact from the fiction and understand what it all actually means. Cleardata believes in the paperless office and its ability to revolutionise the way businesses work, which is why the company strives… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 7th Nov 2018

How Efficient Employee Record Keeping Can Help Spot Talent in Your Business

When a vacancy arises in your company, finding the right candidate to fill the position can be an arduous task. The recruitment process is time-consuming and often expensive, so it comes as no surprise that more and more HR managers are now looking internally to recruit new staff members. Around 85% of companies now attempt… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 30th Oct 2018

Cleardata Launches Robocloud – Intelligent Process Automation Services

Cleardata is excited to launch Robocloud, providing a range of Intelligent Process Automation Services, as part of our Digital Team. Robocloud offers a workforce of cloud-based software robots to automate just about any manual business process. This new service can be accessed by any size of business, big or small, with options to hire our… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 22nd Oct 2018

Is Poorly Managed Invoice Processing Damaging Your Business?

Invoicing is a fundamental part of any business’ success, but it’s also one of the areas most prone to mistakes. Poorly managed invoices can result in errors; damaging profits as well as the reputation of your company. Thanks to advances in technology these mistakes are now easily avoidable. Automated invoicing processing solutions can help remove… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 10th Sep 2018

The Risks of Duplicate HR Records

Whilst unintentional, duplicates of employee records are an easy mistake to make and can have serious consequences for both your business and your employees. Primarily caused by simple human error such as the incorrect inputting of payroll identification numbers, duplication in employee records can also occur when an employee changes role or re-joins a company…. Read More

By Jan Cahill on 4th Sep 2018

GDPR Compliance: A Concise Guide for HR Managers

This year the new GDPR data protection legislation came into force. It aims to protect people’s personal data in the modern world of the internet and mass data processing. A lot of the literature out there has been focused on protecting customer data. However, the GDPR applies to all personal data, including that of employees…. Read More

By Jan Cahill on 10th Jul 2018

Cleardata is an accredited partner of the Accounts Payable Association

Cleardata is delighted to announce that is has become an accredited partner of the Accounts Payable Association.  The Association has over 41,000 members and speaks for the interests of AP professionals in the industry. Cleardata provides a range of automated services and solutions for Accounts Payable Professionals,  making this is a clear partnership for the business…. Read More

By Jan Cahill on 5th Jul 2018

Key Benefits of Offsite Digital Mailroom vs Onsite Mailroom

Outsourcing your mailroom to a third party can achieve many key benefits for your business. Going paperless being the main driver, as well as faster-processing speeds, improved customer service, lower processing costs and creating a secure digital audit trail, which can all be accomplished as a result. Outsourced digital mailroom services can be used to process… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 11th Jun 2018

Lock Up Records Management – Risks & Challenges

Cleardata recently surveyed 100 UK businesses about their document management practices and uncovered that 44% of businesses are using offsite storage lock ups or self-storage facilities. This can often be due to companies suddenly needing to move archives offsite e.g. to provide more office space for additional staff, an annual office clear-out of archived documents,… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 9th May 2018

HR Records Management – GDPR

Many companies may have scanned their HR Records in the past, with digital filing & indexing by name, surname and employee number in one multipage PDF.  This may have been adequate at the time, but with new GDPR regulations changing this month, you may want to consider additional categorisation of your records to manage your… Read More