BS 10008:2014 Certification Success for Cleardata

Cleardata Team Celebrate BS 10008 Certification
It’s a piece of cake for Cleardata! Our team are pictured celebrating their success in passing BS 10008:2014

Cleardata are celebrating, after becoming one of the first document scanning companies to pass the new BS 10008:2014 standard for Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information.

For businesses considering scanning their documents, certification to the Legal Admissibility standard, provides the highest level of digital information for submission as evidence in a court of law. The standard covers the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems, and the electronic transfer of information from one computer system to another.

By implementing BS 10008, Cleardata is adopting best practice for managing electronic information as legal evidence.  The document scanning and document management company has invested in a number of BSI certifications to offer a secure, independently audited service.  This enables all types of businesses and public sector organisations to work with Cleardata, in the confidence that their data will be handled and processed in line with the latest industry best practice.

Cleardata helps businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by transforming their paperwork and data workflow. The company offers a combination of outsourced services and solutions, including Document Scanning, Digital Mail Room, Automated Invoice Processing and Cloud Document Management, which can all help save valuable time on manual paper processes.

In a competitive industry, the BSI certifications provide Cleardata with a clear differentiator, helping to acquire new contracts. The company has recently been successful in getting onto a number of public sector frameworks for postal goods and services, scanning and document management.  Certifications to standards such as BS 10008 are vital to this success.

Cleardata operates throughout the UK, with purpose built premises, protected by enhanced fire and security systems.
David Bryce, Cleardata’s Managing Director, commented: “This is a great achievement and differentiator for Cleardata, allowing us to demonstrate that we are one of the few companies in the UK, who are independently audited to this standard.  This gives Cleardata customers the comfort factor that they have chosen the right provider.  Our continued investment in BSI’s standards, has enabled our business to continue to grow and allowed us to engage with businesses and organisations of all sizes.”

Toni Jones, UK Head of Client Propositions, BSI commented: “The amount of electronic data that organisations are managing is increasing exponentially, therefore it’s vital that it can be verified and authenticated when required. Cleardata have now demonstrated that they are carrying out best practice when transferring electronic information between systems and migrating paper records to digital files.”

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