Bulk Document Scanning

Cleardata offers bulk document scanning services to companies throughout the UK. The company’s state of the art scanning facility is set up to receive, sort, scan and quality check high volumes of paperwork on a daily basis. The business is accredited for Information Security ISO27001, Quality Management ISO90001 and BS10008:2014 standard for legal admissibility.

Digitising paperwork, whether it be for archived records or regular capture of live business paperwork e.g. incoming mail, will free your office space, streamline business operations and allow staff to work more efficiently.

As one of the leading bulk document scanning bureaus in the UK, Cleardata host a range of innovative solutions, enabling information to be captured quickly and accurately, including:-

  • High production bureau, capable of digitising 4 million images per month. Small format scanning is carried out using the Kodak high speed scanners. With a fleet of 14 Kodak scanners including i5600, i5800 and i5850s scanners, scanning up to 420 images per minute, the scanners have the best image quality available and 5 ultrasonic double feed detectors on every scanner, meaning double feeds are virtually non-existent. They always scan duplex so all images are captured. Cleardata provides a high speed scanning service to cover all your bulk scanning requirements.
  • Our preparation team will remove staples, align paper for scanning, move post-it notes to blank areas and insert poor original sheets where required. Poor originals are used to notify our customers when an original document has been sent to us of poor quality.
  • Digital indexing service. Each digital file can be indexed by any required reference e.g. first name, surname and file number.
  • Our unique scanning bureau management system provides live job management and capacity to plan high volume workload. The live planning system changes organically, providing accurate reporting and lead time for each project by job type. It forecasts and plans resources over several months and operates with a feed from our Salesforce, CRM, reacting live to newly forecasted sales and making adjustments, or providing early diagnosis of potential capacity issues.
  • Employee tasks are assigned in 15 minute segments, viewable on screens in the bureau. This provides an opportunity to respond to busy periods through extended shift patterns and overtime. The resource management system, together with our 200% quality checking processes is one of our biggest differentiators.

Bulk Scanning Services

  • Bulk scanning services is Cleardata’s core business, we have a dedicated preparation team, to remove staples, paper clips and plastic wallets prior to scanning.
  • Using high speed production Kodak i500 scanners, Cleardata’s scanning operators digitise documents, producing exceptional quality images.
  • Images are 200% quality checked by our QA team and indexed to suit your requirements.
  • Electronic files returned in any required format, such as CD, DVD or SFTP.  A popular choice for businesses is Cleardata’s Cloud Document Management System, with automated document workflow.  The system allows images to be securely accessed from any location using a web browser (read more, here or book a demo).
  • Paper documents can be returned, archived or securely shredded.
  • UK collections using our own fleet of securely tracked vehicles.

For further information about Cleardata’s Bulk Document Scanning Services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081 or try our quick quote tool.Quick Quote

Benefits of Bulk Document Scanning

  • Converting paperwork to digital format enables information to be retrieved quickly. Having everything efficiently indexed digitally means that staff no longer need to waste time searching through old archives to try and locate key information.
  • Valuable office space can be utilised for core business activity. Just think of what you could do with all the space created by getting rid of your filing cabinets and cupboards. For example, it could create more space for operations or extra desk space, boosting your company’s productivity.
  • Information is backed up and protected against fire, flood and theft. If you only have physical, paper copies of your documents, then you run the risk of losing lots of important information should disaster strike. Don’t take that risk!
  • Files are available at the touch of a button, improving the general efficiency of your operations.

For further information about Cleardata’s Bulk Document Scanning Services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081 or try our quick quote tool.Quick Quote