Bulk Scanning into Sharepoint

flat bed scanner
Many companies utilise document management solutions such as Sharepoint to manage their documents in the cloud. Digitising back archives and live paper records can save valuable office space, time and money.

However, the challenge of converting thousands of paper records into digital format can often be too much for back-office staff to handle, with only basic scanning technology and capture software to hand.

We often find businesses initially purchase scanning equipment to convert the documents themselves, but find the task too labour intensive.  Issues such as scanner maintenance,  scanning speed and quality control prove too difficult to manage and often costs more than expected.

This can mean those companies are faced with a  backlog of historic paper records waiting to be scanned.  Scanning bureaus like Cleardata can help digitise large back archives of paperwork, allowing staff to spend less time scanning and more time making money, by focusing on core business activities.

With a bureau capable of capturing high volumes of paperwork, Cleardata can prepare, scan and capture paper records quickly and easily and delivers a  200% quality checking guarantee for all scanned images.  Our IT team can convert images to any digital format to ensure compatibility with existing office systems, such as Sharepoint.

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