Business Preparation and Continuity Plans

Cloud Document Management
Is your business prepared for issues such as rail strikes?  With workers unable to get to their normal place of work, this can cost companies valuable time and money.

Fortunately, the planned rail strikes this week by Network Rail have now been suspended.  The 24 hour rail strike by workers was due to take place from 5pm on Thursday, followed by a 48-hour strike next week.

Lack of access to information and paperwork can prevent normal business operations from taking place. However, businesses can prepare for these situations.  Digitising paperwork and storing information using cloud document management technology can enable workers to access information securely, from any location, using a web browser.

Cloud document management isn’t an expensive solution, with no upfront hardware or software costs.  As well as enabling flexible access to information, data can be searched quickly and easily, using a simple keyword search facility.  Users can also add notes and messages to documents and assign tasks to other users.

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