Business Preparation for Severe Weather

Severe Weather
The Met Office announced a National Severe Weather Warning for the UK today, predicting snow, ice, sleet, rain and potential travel disruption for several days.

Many businesses will be affected by severe weather, with staff unable to get to work due to disruptions with travel or school closures. Transport and logistics can also be affected and some office locations may experience flooding issues, posing a risk to operational processes and business continuity.

This can be a big problem for businesses, but particularly for those whose processes rely on paperwork and files.  If staff are unable to access their usual office location and information, they maybe unable to carry out their everyday business operations.

Companies should consider digitising their paperwork to provide flexible access to their information.  Once in digital format, information can be stored in a cloud document management system and accessed from any location, using a web browser.  Employees can assign tasks to other users and add notes and messages to documentation stored in the cloud.  This can enable staff to continue working from home, or alternative office locations if necessary.

Cloud Document Management will also increase efficiencies in your business, saving valuable time on searching and retrieving paper documentation.  It will also back up your valuable documentation and free up office space.

For further information about digitising your paperwork contact Cleardata’s scanning team on 0800 046 8081 or try our contact form.  Alternatively, watch our videos below to discover more about our document scanning and cloud document management solutions.