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Reduce Government Processing Costs

Cleardata recognises the ongoing budgetary pressures faced by the public sector and believes that technology should be considered to transform paper processes.  Paper is still heavily relied on in many organisations to meet the needs of a variety of clients.  However, paperwork can be labour intensive and ultimately costly, so how do you retain some paper systems, but process more efficiently and achieve savings?

Services such as outsourced digital mail room, document scanning, intelligent data capture and cloud document management can significantly cut your costs, reduce errors and improve processing times.

Cleardata offers a range of outsourced solutions for the public sector which can save valuable time and money on manual paper processing.  The company is externally accredited for Information Security, Quality Management and Legal Admissibility.  Our solutions are accessible via a wholly EU compliant route, as we are a supplier under the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Postal Goods and Services Framework (RM1063). This Framework is a collaborative agreement with YPO and ESPO, who are strategic partners to CCS.

Public Sector Services

Digital Mail Room

Intelligent Data Capture

Cloud Document Management

Archive Storage with Digital Retrieval

Cleardata Appointed On Public Sector Frameworks

Digital Mail Room Services

Our digital mail room service can help your organisation go paperless and reach a high level of processing automation.  Incoming paperwork can be diverted to our secure bureau where documents can be opened, sorted and scanned. This can be utilised for any type of document e.g. school admissions, social services, housing, benefits, travel surveys or even planning applications.

The bureau uses high volume Kodak production scanners, which produce exceptional digital images.  All images are quality checked by two operators.

Following the scanning process, our team can index (digitally file) your documents to your departmental requirements.

Watch our 60 second video to find out more about our digital mail room service.

Intelligent Data Capture

Once in digital format, data can be automatically extracted using intelligent capture software.  This will reduce manual data entry and processing costs and increase accuracy of your incoming data. Extracted data can also be verified against your existing database files.  Data can be returned in any required format, using secure FTP, CD, USB or via our secure cloud document management system.

Our consultants can assess your existing paperwork and if necessary help you to re-design forms with intelligent capture in mind.  Techniques such as bar code labelling can be added, to reduce the amount of data capture required for incoming documents.  For handwritten data, forms can be formatted with individual boxes, similar to those found on a passport application, enabling handwritten data to be captured effectively.

Intelligent data capture is a popular solution for paperwork such as claims or incoming letters.  It can also be applied to invoices or other financial documents, to identify and capture data for extraction.  Invoice numbers, reference numbers, amounts, supplier names and even logos can be automatically recognised. Invoice data can then be compared against other databases such as purchase orders, for matching purposes. This can help reduce duplicate payments, speed up invoice processing times and supplier payment enquiries, enabling your finance team to spend less time on the phone and more time on key financial tasks.

Watch our video to find out more about our invoice processing services.

Cloud Document Management

Our team can upload your digital images to our secure cloud document management solution.  This enables information to be found quickly and easily from any location, using a web browser.  Images can be indexed by any required information, allowing documents to be found in a number of ways e.g. by document reference, date, name or description.

Cleardata’s cloud solution, provides a unique key hook search feature, which allows users to highlight keywords, click a keyboard shortcut and search the system from other products, e.g. Excel, Sage, Word. 

This solution also comes with workflow, enabling information to be routed to the correct person or group of users in your organisation.  Rules can be set up for different document types, for example applications for housing can be routed to your housing team.  Approvals can also be set up, to allow information to be processed efficiently.  Employees can add notes to documents or assign tasks to other users.  Providing a full electronic audit trail for your documentation.

Watch our 60 second cloud document management video

Archive Storage with Digital Retrieval

Storing large amounts of paperwork can be costly, so consider how much office space is taken over by paperwork.  Could you re-locate to smaller premises if you outsourced your archives?  The other common problem to consider is how much staff time is wasted searching and retrieving paper documents?  Once stored off-site documents can be indexed efficiently, with managed destruction dates.

Cleardata provides secure document storage, combined with fast digital retrieval.  We have a fleet of vehicles available to collect from any UK location.  All documents are checked in securely and whilst at our premises are protected by enhanced fire detection and security systems.  On request, documents can be retrieved, scanned and returned straight to your desktop, saving time and money for your public sector organisation.

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Accessible Via Public Sector Frameworks

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Cleardata is an appointed supplier on the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Postal Goods and Services Framework Agreement (RM1063), which is a collaborative agreement with CCS strategic partners YPO and ESPO.  The Framework Agreement offers your organisation a fully EU compliant route to services. We are able to provide a secure, compliant and accessible route for Public Sector organisations. The Framework Agreement can save you time in the tender process, as all the security, financial and organisational capabilities have already been evaluated.

This Agreement is open to all Public Sector, including Central and Local Government, health, education, emergency services, defence, devolved administrations and not-for-profit organisations.

Cleardata’s Cloud Document Management Solution is also accessible via G Cloud 6.

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