Project Background 

APPH, part of the BBA Aviation Group, designs and manufactures hydraulic systems and landing gears for commercial and military aircraft. From design through manufacture to supply, service and support, repair and overhaul, the APPH Groups’ products are at the forefront of the worlds’ aerospace market.

The company were digitising their own paperwork, but found during peak times that their technology couldn’t capture the volumes of information required.  They needed faster digital access to live data and were also keen to improve the quality of scanned images.

APPH generates a large amount of paperwork, such as quality certification and final release to service documentation, financial information, maintenance, and repair and overhaul records. Fast retrieval and easy search capability are key requirements for this important paperwork, enabling employees to access information quickly and deliver information to customers and/or regulatory bodies as required.

There are strict regulatory and litigation requirements within the aerospace industry, providing guidelines for the retention and disposal of records, some of which have to be retained for many years. This in turn can pose an issue with office space.

The Solution

Cleardata has delivered a scanning solution to APPH, to collect documents on a regular basis and return in digital format. Digital records can be searched by any key field, allowing employees to perform fast search and document retrieval, straight from their desktop.

Cleardata’s scanning bureau provides high quality digital output for scanned images. The bureau is set up to capture over 3 million images per month, using the latest Kodak production scanners.

Security and compliance is a key feature of Cleardata’s business, the facility is protected by early fire detection systems, biometric entry, water detection and Redcare security.  Employees are security cleared, with strict protocols in place for secure document management.

Client Feedback

“Scanning our paper records is a vital tool for our business, enabling us to deliver the best customer service to our clients. Cleardata provides a straightforward solution to scan our documents on a regular basis, returning them in digital format quickly and easily.

This ensures our information is readily available using a fast and easy digital search, our live paperwork is digitally backed up and only accessed by those with the relevant permissions and delivers an efficient system for business continuity and compliance purposes.

The customer service received has been excellent.  Their helpful team answered any questions quickly and provided assistance to our internal departments in how to store and prepare our records for scanning. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.

Their security and quality systems are integrated throughout their company, providing peace of mind for the protection of our information.”

Quality Director,  APPH Group