Project Background

Assurant are one of the UK’s leading providers of mobile device insurance in the UK, serving over 8.5 million customers.

The company received over 2,000 inbound insurance claims by mail every day. These were scanned in house for upload into their existing insurance claims system.

The client wanted to:-

  • Speed up the time it took to scan documents and load into their system, to improve their claims handling
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Improve the clarity of images and provide an audit trail for all claims documentation
  • Improve business continuity and disaster recovery plans to backup their information
  • Due to the nature of the financial documentation, key requirements for the project were data security and compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standards.)


Cleardata mapped out the existing processes within Assurant to fully understand where improvements could be made.

Barcodes were added to key documentation to help classify forms, reduce human error and eliminate data entry.

Cleardata then set up a mailroom operation, specifically for Assurant.  After the initial re-direction of post, all printed documentation and client instructions were amended so post came to Cleardata instead.

Documents are sorted, scanned and uploaded to a hosted document management system for easy retrieval by Assurant’s claims advisors.

A programme has also been implemented to initiate workflow in Assurant’s core systems, offering a seamless transition for the service.

Many of the major UK banks mobile device insurance claims are handled by Assurant using Cleardata’s digital mail room service.

Client Feedback

“Cleardata has provided Assurant with a secure digital mailroom solution that has helped us to significantly reduce our processing costs, secure our confidential data, go paperless and speed up our overall insurance claims processing.

We chose Cleardata as they met our extensive requirements, including:- Accreditation to ISO27001 for Information Security, biometric access controlled premises, robust business continuity plans, PCI compliant scanning, audit trail software and assured quality management systems.  Staff are vetted to high security levels and a dedicated team works on the Assurant project. The company thoroughly analysed our existing processes before setting up the outsourced scanning bureau and we felt that they got to know our business at a grass roots level.  The team provided some innovative ideas to process the claims, which ultimately improved the accuracy of our information. The scanned images are excellent quality and their IT support has been excellent, ensuring the process was compatible with our existing office systems.

This project was key to our business operation, so a number of service levels and KPI’s were set at the outset.  The team have achieved all of their performance targets with ease, resulting in Assurant awarding a 3 year contract extension.”

Chief Financial Officer, Assurant