CEL Solicitors – Case Study

Project Background

CEL Solicitors is a successful, family-run law firm with a head office in Liverpool and serving clients nationwide. CEL specialises in civil litigation, PLEVIN and financial misselling, Japanese knotweed claims and much more.

Amongst other large-scale projects, CEL is currently dealing with a large volume of PLEVIN financial misselling claims by conducting investigations on behalf of their clients on whether their lender failed to disclose high-level commission payments earned via PPI claims.

CEL approached Cleardata to help the business go paperless along with the automation of incoming and outgoing mail. This automation would enable them to accelerate their company growth at a manageable rate without the worry and hassle of an increased amount of physical paper and documents to organise and manage. Additionally, CEL wanted to partner with a company that could provide the automation and digitisation services they needed to manage their immediate and future needs.

Cleardata’s Digital Mailroom Solution

  • Cleardata has implemented a digital mailroom service for CEL.  All of their paper and digital documents are scanned on arrival to their Case Management System – Proclaim.
  •  CEL utilises Cleardata’s Cloud Document Management Platform – Cleardox EDM, which retains client files electronically and enables the management of unidentified mail items through a separate queue to be reviewed and approved.
  • CEL went live with an outbound mail service, allowing them to print documents from their headquarters or remotely through Cleardata’s Cleardox EDM system, customising the design of the envelope and mail to be sent to the client through the computer system alone.

Customer Feedback

The customer explained how the following benefits from Cleardata have impacted their business:

  • The implementation of the Digital Mailroom and Online Document Managment Services allowed for a much smoother and quicker handling time of cases
  • The customer experience increased positively due to the faster case completion time
  • CEL found that despite receiving a high amount of DSAR’s, usually over 1,000 per week, they could manage them more effectively with the new systems in place
  • Much more time is spent on business-critical tasks, as opposed to document scanning and printing
  • CEL’s team are able to access information quickly and remotely if necessary

CEL’s Finance Director, Tom, had this to say about Cleardata’s services and their effects on their operations:

“The benefits have been countless, really; it’s allowed us to transform the business with our growth plans without so much of a hitch at all, without the worries or the stresses that we would have had previously. It’s allowed us to be agile in our approach to the development of the business, and it allows us to give our clients a much better service than we would have been able to previously. Running the cases much smoother and more seamlessly, and to a much quicker timescale.”

CEL has future goals that include integrating RPA services from one of Cleardata’s systems – Robocloud, and developing the client onboarding processes. They are confident that Cleardata is the ideal partner to support these projects and CEL’s overall growth.