Clyde & Co – Case Study

Project Background

Clyde & Co is a dynamic and rapidly growing global law firm, with over 46 offices in 6 continents. They aim to provide a complete legal service to clients in a variety of industries.

The company contacted Cleardata in search for a secure archive facility with the ability to return records quickly and efficiently when needed. This was vital for Clyde & Co in storing hundreds of administration and claim documents.

An important factor for the law firm was to have an electronic archive management system to manage and monitor their records whilst stored offsite. This allowed Clyde & Co to manage retention periods, request file retrievals and keep track of any activity with their records efficiently.

The Solution

Cleardata currently archive hundreds of boxes for Clyde & Co in the company’s secure premises, including confidential claim records. Once in storage, each box is allocated a unique barcode label that contains specific information relating to that box, for instance contents and the location, whilst providing a full audit trail.

With the law firm making regular file requests through Cleardata’s scan on demand service – the benefits of quickly receiving files digitally whilst being stored in the company’s archive facility – Clyde & Co found utilising the company’s new Archive Management System (AMS) invaluable.

AMS was designed so customers could simply and effectively manage the complete life-cycle process of their documents, from requesting the retrieval of documents, either digitally or by post, to ordering the destruction of relevant archive boxes. The system provides real time reporting for customer’s documents that are stored offsite in Cleardata’s secure premises.

The system makes businesses’ lives easier in regards to managing their important records through the 6 main functionality features of AMS, being:

  • Retrieve Documents
  • Destroy Documents
  • Request Collections
  • Request Storage Supplies
  • Activity and Extension Management

User security is a key feature of the system, enabling Clyde & Co to only give the right access to the relevant people. Access control and permissions can be set for individuals or groups, with some having full access and functions, others simply view only.

Clyde & Co are able to receive other benefits from the Archive Management System, including:

  • Using a friendly and easy to navigate system to freely manage their own documents
  • Easy access to AMS from any location via the web, without requiring any software
  • Saving significant time for document retrievals
  • Obtaining a statement of documents that are stored in Cleardata’s facility
  • Reviewing a dashboard of all interactions and requests concerning their records and boxes
  • Secure destruction management of their archives
  • A complete electronic audit trail of the movement of boxes and documents
  • Very little training required as the system is self intuitive
  • Simply manage the locations of their boxes and arrange collections of more documents to be archived
  • Storage supplies, including more archive boxes and barcode labels can be ordered

Client Feedback

“We find Cleardata’s new archiving system very easy to navigate and very user friendly.

Because we can now access all requests on-line it allows us the opportunity to access the system out of hours which is a very positive move for us as sometimes documents are requested after business hours.

The retrieval of all file requests are always attended to promptly and delivered on time as is the collection of all archived boxes.

I have found the staff very friendly and accommodating and any issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

A very effective and professional service.”

Office Administrator, Clyde & Co

For further information about Cleardata’s Archive Management System solution, contact our team on 0800 046 8081