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Project Background

Enterprise Credit Union is one of the largest and most successful community credit unions in England.  The organisation, in business for over 25 years, is a financial co-operative, existing for the benefits of its members, who own and control the company.

The credit union is a not for profit organisation, providing members with safe, affordable financial services and delivers dividends and additional services back to its members.

The organisation has to retain important and confidential information of every member, past and present. This created an issue with paperwork taking over their limited office space.  Employees were spending too much time searching for information and their audit process was lengthy.

Aims of the digitisation and document management project were to:

  • Reduce paper storage – Credit unions are commonly small and very short of office space , but produce large amounts of paperwork
  • Protect data – All information is confidential and contains member information, which needs to be kept securely.
  • Go paperless and digitise back archives – Credit unions are investigating digital forms to stop producing paper. Scanning and digitising the backlog of archives promotes a fresh start, frees up valuable office space and reduces time wasted searching for information.
  • Flexible digital access and security – Documents are easier to find once scanned and security is improved.  Digital security access can be strictly controlled at a user/employee level.
  • Speed and accuracy of audit – Instead of having to find and verify large amounts of paper files, the auditors can now be given fast, easy access to digital files.  This makes the audit process much quicker and cheaper.

Why Cleardata?

Enterprise Credit Union chose Cleardata for their high level of security standards, quality document management,  document scanning services and accreditation.  The financial company required a secure scanning partner to ensure the guaranteed protection and handling of their confidential information.

Cleardata is accredited for Information Security, Quality Management Systems and is also self-certified for PCI Compliance, allowing us to securely handle financial information. The company holds ISO27001 and ISO9001. Employees are security cleared and trained to handle information. Premises feature Argon fire protection, finger print access, early smoke detection alerts, secure red zoned areas and on-site shredding facilities.

The Solution – Document Scanning

  • On-site visit – Cleardata examined the credit union’s documents and current processes.   This helped to understand and plan the most efficient way to handle the scanning of the documents, causing least disruption to the client and keeping costs low.
  • Specification & lead time – Documents were scanned and indexed to agreed specifications to ensure the Enterprise could find their digital files quickly and easily, in a format compatible with existing office systems. A time frame was agreed, outlining the period when all documents were to be collected, scanned and digital images returned.
  • Boxing up – Cleardata provided all of the archive boxes along with bar codes to ensure there was a full audit trail in place from the moment the documents were collected in one of Cleardata’s securely tracked vehicles.
  • Preparation, scanning and digital image return – Documents were prepared by Cleardata’s specialist preparation team, scanned using our top of the range Kodak scanners and returned in the agreed format.
  • Paperless office consultancy – Cleardata supported the organisation with scanning and digital advice on how to handle paperwork in the future.  Ensuring paperwork doesn’t cause issues with office space again.

Client Feedback

As an expanding business, Enterprise Credit Union was keen to resolve the issues of storage and security of essential documents for their members.  Running across multiple branches was also an obstacle that we hoped to resolve. 

With the help of Cleardata we now have a streamlined document facility, releasing much needed office space and providing ease of access to our files.  This was a large administration process for the credit union, but moving forward offers us an effective way to archive both historic and current documents. 

Security of our member’s information is paramount and it was essential that we had confidence in our chosen supplier, Cleardata provided us with that assurance.  They were professional and provided us with guidance throughout the process and we would be happy to use them again and indeed recommend them to others.”

Operations & Development Manager, Enterprise Credit Union