Kirkham Legal – Case Study

Project Background

Kirkham Legal are a highly specialised team of conveyancers and solicitors based in Oldham, who offer a simple and friendly approach to important legal information and services.

The organisation contacted Cleardata in order to find a document storage service that would transform their previous filing system and provide a lot more office space, whilst reducing the time in manually searching for files.

The legal company stored their documents in-house and filled three separate rooms of filing cabinets, leaving staff with very limited office space. A single employee was also delegated to manage the entire filing process, resulting in an expensive and time consuming task.

The Solution

Cleardata collected over 500 boxes of Kirkham Legal’s confidential legal and client records in one of their tracked vehicles. This allows the records to be easily tracked throughout their collection journey, until they arrive at Cleardata’s secure document storage facility, based near Chester.

The managed offsite document storage service enabled Kirkham Legal to free up a significant amount of space within their company. The rooms that used to be filled with documents are now used as additional offices for new employees in order for the legal company to continue growing.

Records are fully document managed, with records logged and indexed using barcode technology and Cleardata’s Online Archive Management Solution, Cleardox. This provides a GDPR compliant solution, allowing information to be found quickly, retrieved and digitally returned within hours of request via Cleardata’s Scan on Demand Service.

Cleardox also allows Kirkham Legal to effectively manage the entire life-cycle process of their documents in the cloud. The system provides a statement of records stored off site including box numbers, index of records, keep until date and shows any interaction with the records by user and date. Kirkham Legal are able to submit file requests, request collections, archive boxes and manage records retention/destruction.


  • Saves significant time by not having to manually search through filing cabinets to find a relevant file.
  • Free up staff time enabling employees to focus on more business critical activities and increase productivity.
  • Free up valuable office space and reutilise for more profitable activities.
  • GDPR compliant archive storage solution.
  • Protection and security of legal and client information.
  • Speeds up document retrieval.
  • Manage records stored offsite efficiently in the cloud.

Client Feedback

“We were really pleased with the service received, from our initial appointment all the way through to collection of the files. Cleardata were very professional and helpful. We have found it very simple to obtain copy files when necessary.”

Director, Kirkham Legal