Orona – Case Study

Project Background

Orona are the leading specialists of designing, manufacturing, installing and modernising lifts, escalators, moving ramps and walkways.

The company contacted Cleardata to review their current accounts receivable situation and to develop it into a more efficient process.

Orona were unable to send electronic pdf invoices to their clients from their existing financial system, as it wasn’t flexible enough to provide, sort and group the information into the required categories. This was delaying their invoice process and ultimately costing the business money.

The Accounts Receivable team had to manually process the data into documents which took several days at a time, costing the business valuable time and money.

The Solution

Cleardata mapped out a detailed process of the company’s Accounts Receivable department to understand their existing systems, requirements and workflow issues. Once completed, the team suggested a combination of outsourced services and solutions to improve Orona’s processes.

1. Orona send thousands of PDF invoices electronically to Cleardata every month for automation. The lift specialists also sent a list of rules and categories that their invoices needed to be sorted into, once received.

2. The documents were automated and sorted using Cleardata’s intelligent data capture software, extracting relevant line items and allocating each document into the required categories. Each invoice was also indexed to meet Orona’s requirements.

3. Once processed, the information was inputted into a user-friendly format that was compatible with Orona’s existing system, allowing their AP team to efficiently manage their documents.

This automated invoice processing enables Orona to simplify the way they process and send financial documents to their customers.

Accurate figures of the benefits that Cleardata’s automated process helped Orona to overcome include:

  • Saving time on employees manually processing documents –  The company previously spent 5 to 7 days manually processing invoices. Cleardata’s solution cut this time consuming practice down to just 2 days a month, saving Orona a significant amount of time and money.
  • Drastically speeding up times in sending out invoices to clients – With invoices being produced and sorted quicker, suppliers now get paid a week sooner
  • Improving the company’s cash flow – Customers now receive their invoices days before it’s required, enabling Orona to receive faster payments
  • Building a stronger relationship with customers – Before clients would receive their invoices a week late, needing to make hasty payment within 3 weeks. Now the invoices are sent earlier, allowing customers to make relaxed payments
  • Employees focusing on more business-critical activities

Client Feedback

Cleardata’s invoice processing system has had a very positive impact in our Accounts team. We are saving huge amounts of time, as well as saving paper and money. Our customers are receiving their invoices soon and because it’s in a better format than before, they’re paying sooner!

We now spend less than 2 days a month in processing invoices, which we used to complete over 4 or 5 continuous days a month, sometimes even more. This allows our team to use our resources in other productive activities.

It’s a great solution that’s quick and simple that allows us to focus on creating greater customer service.