Royal National Theatre

The Royal National Theatre Digitises HR Records

The Royal National Theatre makes world class theatre from it’s home in the South Bank area HR Scanning Services from Cleardataof London. The National produces a well attended programme of theatre, as well as a tour of the UK, reaching 36 towns and cities over 115 weeks in 2017/18.

With over 1,000 employees the theatre wanted to ensure their HR Records were managed efficiently, particularly with the upcoming change in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

The aims of the HR scanning project were:-

  • GDPR – With the GDPR compliance regulations changing from May 2018, the Theatre wanted to ensure their HR Records Management System was compliant. HR Records contain sensitive data and individuals have the “right to be forgotten” and “right to access” through the forthcoming GDPR changes. This means files have to be categorised and indexed efficiently in order for information to be found and reviewed easily.
  • Reduce paperwork – the HR leavers and live employee files took up a large amount of office space.
  • Securely Stored/Back up – By digitising the information this means valuable paperwork information is securely stored and backed up, in case of risks such as fire, flood or theft. Only authorised individuals have access to the data and a secure audit trail can be provided using cloud document management software.

Why Cleardata

The Royal National Theatre chose Cleardata to complete their HR Records Scanning project as they were assured by the high levels of information security and quality management systems. Cleardata is certified to ISO27001 and ISO9001.  The charity were offered advice for categorising and indexing their employee records, with GDPR compliance in mind. Cleardata has employees trained in Certified Information Privacy, enabling the company to offer support on GDPR Compliance.

Our Process

  • Boxing up – Cleardata provided all of the archive boxes along with bar-codes to ensure there was a full audit trail in place from the moment the documents were collected
  • Standard Preparation – All paperclips and staples were removed from documentation.
  • Intelligent Indexing and Categorisation – Cleardata’s team trained to categorise records into four separate areas including:- legacy documentation, absence forms, training & performance and grievance/disciplinary. A prep guide was provided to staff including a list of the various document types, to allow them to correctly identify and categorise information.
  • Scanning- Files were scanned and checked by two separate operatives to ensure the highest scanned quality and output to pdf format. Images were returned by secure SFTP.

Client Feedback and Testimonial

“Cleardata have been so easy to work with from the beginning. Our Account Director, Graham, was transparent from the start; there were no hidden charges, and the initial quote he provided us with was a clear breakdown of every service so we knew exactly what we were paying for. Graham gave us a lot to think about after every meeting, and really helped us decide what we needed without being pushy or sales-y, like some of the other companies I met with initially.

They accommodated every change we had to make to our requirements. When I asked for a later collection time for our files, they happily accommodated it. When we changed the way we wanted the information scanned, they obliged. And when we ended up with 10 more boxes of paperwork than we first anticipated, they collected them with no fuss!

They answered all of our queries quickly and accurately, and you really got a feel for how customer focused they are. They understood all of our data protection concerns, and I never once felt that our sensitive data was compromised while in their possession. Knowing that they would scan on demand anything we needed urgently really put our minds at ease.

While our files were being scanned, I was in regular contact with our Project Coordinator, Mary, who was quick to email me with any queries they had on how we wanted our files scanned. Cleardata had incredible attention to detail. We had complex requirements, some files were to be split into sections, or split by date or by name, and Mary always made me feel like our requirements were being met at all times.

On receipt of our documents at the end of the project, they were separated into folders and named exactly as we asked, which was no less than I expected! They really went above and beyond for us, and Cleardata comes highly recommended from us at the Royal National Theatre.” HR Advisor, Royal National Theatre