The University of Sunderland

University of Sunderland Archive StorageThe University of Sunderland has around 19,500 students, with two campuses in Sunderland and a third in London, based in Canary Wharf.

Successful University records management is essential for compliance with industry regulations, and with large numbers of learners each year comes high volumes of paperwork. Typical records include Student Records, HR files, Accommodation and Financial Documentation.

Cleardata developed an off-site records management solution to:-

  • Secure and protect documentation
  • Assist in the management of destruction dates
  • Enable staff to retrieve documents quickly
  • Dispose of expired information securely

The Solution

Cleardata efficiently store 3,500 boxes of archive material for the University. New archives are collected and transported to Cleardata’s secure storage facility on a regular basis. Barcode technology is applied to boxes, enabling records to be tracked during transportation and throughout every movement in the bureau.

Once in storage, Cleardata’s unique barcoding system allows information to be retrieved, digitised and sent back to authorised members of staff quickly, known as scan on demand.

The University was one of the first clients to make use of Cleardata’s Archive Management System, which enables staff to arrange further collections, order boxes and manage destruction dates.

Expired documentation is flagged on the system for staff to review and arrange destruction. Approval is sought before any files are securely disposed of and a certificate of destruction is supplied, ensuring information has been disposed of in line with industry standards.

Customer Feedback

“Cleardata have provided us with a full service, from records storage through to the development of an efficient document management solution. The team has worked with us through every step of the process, making sure we had a something that really worked for The University as a whole.

The staff at The University now have clarity on all archived records, and are able to put their hands on information quickly and efficiently. We have found Cleardata’s experience, knowledge and tailored approach invaluable.”

Director of Business Development, University of Sunderland