Cleardata is an accredited partner of the Accounts Payable Association

Cleardata is delighted to announce that is has become an accredited partner of the Accounts Payable Association.  The Association has over 41,000 members and speaks for the interests of AP professionals in the industry.

Cleardata provides a range of automated services and solutions for Accounts Payable Professionals,  making this is a clear partnership for the business. The company offers:-

Cleardata’s Managing Director David Bryce added “Cleardata is delighted to become an accredited partner of the Accounts Payable Association.  We work with many clients who are members of the AP Association, helping them to go paperless, save time and reduce their invoicing costs, through a range of intelligent solutions.

Outsourcing processes such as invoice scanning, intelligent capture and validation can reduce time spent on scanning quality issues and manual data entry, allowing AP professionals to deal with true invoice exceptions.  Recruitment and training costs can also be avoided with our outsourced service handling seasonal peaks in your invoicing.

Robotic Process Automation is an additional opportunity for AP Managers to investigate.  Our cloud-based software robot services can handle manual tasks such as month-end Account Reconciliation and statement checks as well as automate tasks such as supplier onboarding. ”

Read a recent case study to find out more about how we can help your Accounts Payable Team or contact us for further details.