Cleardata Launches Robocloud – Intelligent Process Automation Services

Cleardata is excited to launch Robocloud, providing a range of Intelligent Process Automation Services, as part of our Digital Team. Robocloud logo Robocloud offers a workforce of cloud-based software robots to automate just about any manual business process.

This new service can be accessed by any size of business, big or small, with options to hire our robots for as few as 2 hours per week. A digital worker has lower costs, can work around the clock and can be trained to perform mundane tasks in your business that nobody else wants to do.

Utilising robotic process automation can transform your company processes, providing more productivity and allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. It can also help reduce recruitment and training costs, allowing you to access the digital workforce as and when you need it and scale your business to suit peaks or demand in your workload.

Digital Workforce Skills

Our digital workforce have varied skills and can be used to sort many manual business processes including:-

  • Data Extraction and Data Migration – Useful for large IT projects to extract or migrate data without using traditional programming resources.
  • Data Scheduling – Automate our team to perform scheduled actions
  • System Integration – Patch connections between business systems
  • Validate Data – Check and validate data in third-party systems,  e.g. credit checks or references

Watch our video to find out how Robocloud can help your business become more productive and spend less time on manual processes.

Head of Digital Sales, Emma Young is leading Robocloud and has a team of RPA Ninjas ready to programme and train the robots to perform a range of packaged and bespoke solutions.

Emma said “This is a natural progression for Cleardata, with automation technology able to provide an essential tool for performing manual data and workflow processes. From invoice processing to data migration, automated employee, client or supplier onboarding, our digital workforce can help massively increase business productivity and free up staff time to perform more valuable tasks. 

Robocloud is already working on some transformational projects including automating a company’s sales order processes, validating invoiced prices against sales prices in a client’s CRM, processing invoice data and providing automated workflow, document manipulation and task setting into a legal case management platform.  

We’re finding that the robots can perform tasks in a quarter of the time it would take a person to complete and processes are completed in a consistent way, providing a high level of accuracy.  We’re able to completely track the robot’s actions by activity, process, system, robot name, time and date, providing a full audit trail.”

To find out more about Robocloud’s range of intelligent process automation services visit our website or call our team on 0800 046 8086