Accelerate Your Mailroom with Cleardata’s Scanning Tech

Legacy mailroom practices can have an enormous impact on the productivity of your workforce operations. That’s why Cleardata has invested heavily in the best available scanning technology and are the proud owners of the industry-defining ibml FUSION 7300 scanner. Considered the best document scanning system on the market, our powerful machines have helped to transform business’s processes overnight.

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How Can Cleardata’s Scanning Services help my business?

Workforces come up against frequent battles in the plight towards an efficient and accurate digitisation of their mailroom functions. These battles range from time-consuming manual feeding, output stacking and organisation, and accurate high-volume scanning.

The ibml FUSION scanner provides solutions for each of these issues and Cleardata’s Digital Mailroom and Scanning Services can enable you to benefit from this powerful technology for your business functions.

In addition to our ibml scanners, Cleardata’s bureau has a fleet of high volume Kodak scanning technology as well specialist scanners to digitise books, microfiche, microfilm and large format documents. The company prides itself on quality, providing a 2 x 100% quality check on all scanned images, with certification to BS 10008 for legal admissibility.

Cleardata provides digital mailroom and bulk scanning for many UK businesses and public sector organisations, check out some of our recent case studies. Our scanning bureau is certified for businss continuity as well as information and cyber security.

Digital mailroom service can help increase efficiency in your business by up to 30% saving time on:-

  • Mail opening, sorting and allocation
  • Manual data entry and validation of incoming information
  • Managing exceptions
  • Filing paper documents
  • Returning originals

Check out our infographic for more details.

The Facts

For speed, accuracy and high volume processing, the ibml FUSION couldn’t be more suited for bulk scanning services, with a processing speed of 730 images per minute. In addition, this scanner was specifically designed to meet a higher volume processing requirement, meaning that you are unlikely to find a more competent machine for this function.
The ibml is ideal for digitising documents of all shapes and sizes, working on a conveyor belt system, which is perfect for handling incoming mail and documents.

In a study conducted by ECM Connection’ The Total Cost of Scanning: A Framework for Analysis and Improvement’, it was unearthed that 76% of the total cost of scanning was actually spent on the pre and post scanning processes. This is greatly reduced by the ibml FUSION due to the sophisticated output stacking functions and the huge input hopper that will home 1,500 sheets.

Document Handling

The document recognition software uses complex technology to organise structured and unstructured documents for all sectors and industries. The powerful machine can process high volumes of documents with ease.
Below are examples of the form types and input streams we are able to scan and process:

So whether you are an accountant needing to process tax documents at a high rate for year-end returns, or a pharmacist needing to process a vast amount of healthcare records, Cleardata has the technology to help.

Cleardata is a leading UK company in document management, offering a range of services from digital mailroom services, high volume document scanning, cloud document management , archive storage, intelligent data capture and much more.
Our innovative team that focuses on reducing the overheads, improving efficiency, automating manual processes and protecting the information of our clients business functions. Cleardata is fully accredited in the industry, so you can be assured that your data is in the safest hands possible.

For more information on how you can access Cleardata’s latest technology through our digital mailroom and scanning services, contact our expert team on 0800 046 8081.