How confidential document scanning can protect your sensitive information

Confidential Document Scanning Services
The potential impact of confidential information falling into the wrong hands could be detrimental for organisations. Failure to comply with the rules regulations set out under The Data Protection Act 1998, can result in hefty fines issued from the Information Commissioner’s Office. Scanning confidential records and storing them in the cloud assists companies in protecting their sensitive data.

Confidential document scanning services, enables information such as, employee records, contracts, business plans and financial data to be digitised and securely stored in the cloud.

Cloud document management systems are growing popular amongst businesses looking for an alternative to bulky filing cabinets. Enhanced security features such as restricted user access and full document audit trails, enables companies to limited access to certain files and monitor who has viewed, edited and downloaded files.

Confidential Document Scanning Services

  • Cleardata have a fleet of tracked vans, collecting information from across the UK.
  • Records are tracked from the moment they are collected and throughout every movement in the bureau, using barcode technology. Even the staff have barcodes, providing a full audit trail of actions by person, location, time and date.
  • Records are scanned, producing high quality digital images. Every single image is 200% quality checked by the QA team.
  • Files indexed, using naming conventions that suit your business needs, for quick and easy retrieval.
  • Information is uploaded to the cloud. Users can restrict access at different levels for each member of staff or department.
  • Once stored in the cloud, information is accessible from any location, using a web browser.
  • Workflow can be set up, enabling documents to be securely transferred to authorised members of staff, for approvals and queries.
  • Document version control, ensures staff are using the most current versions. This is a great feature for contract templates, terms and conditions and other documents which often get renewed frequently.
  • Paper copies of records can be returned, securely archived for an agreed time period or compliantly destroyed.

Cleardata has invested huge amounts of time and resources to ensure client information is protected throughout all of its processes. The company holds accreditations for Information Security ISO27001 and its purpose built scanning facility is protected by the latest security systems, including biometric entry and zone control, redcare alarms, 24 hour CCTV monitoring and secure perimeter fencing. All Cleardata staff are disclosure checked and trained to handle information in a secure manner.

The scanning bureau is also set up to handle financial information securely, from a self-certified PCI compliant room.

For further information about Cleardata’s Confidential Document Scanning Services, contact our team on 0800 046 8081 or to calculate your scanning costs, try our online calculator.