Consider a Digital Mail Room To Improve Customer Service Levels

Many businesses monitor customer service satisfaction as part of their management reporting, to ensure expected service performance or code of practice levels are delivered.   Issues with customers can often be caused by lack of communication, slow response times, peaks in workload and lost documentation.

An outsourced digital mail room could help your business improve customer satisfaction and save time and money by automating manual processes.  Services available include:-

  • Outsourced digital mail room to open, sort and scan your incoming mail – Providing fast access to staff in multiple locations and a digital audit trail of incoming mail.
  • Clever software to classify mail by document type and provide automated responses – Speeding up customer response times and improving customer service
  • Intelligently extract data from your documents e.g. address, document reference, name and date – Reducing manual data entry and processing time. 
  • Automatically validating data  against existing databases – Increasing the accuracy of incoming information and reducing human error
  • Use workflow rules to digitally direct your mail to the correct person in your business – Speed up processing time and save money distributing paperwork
  • Provide digital solutions to enable staff to digitally approve, review or process documentation.

Choosing a secure document scanning bureau, offering compliant and accredited services is important to protect business data and information security. Cleardata offers an accredited digital mail room service, to handle any type of documentation and can offer high volume services to handle peaks and troughs in your workload.  The company uses the latest Kodak scanning technology providing the very best in quality for your scanned images.

For further details about Cleardata’s digital mail room service call 0800 046 8081.