Convert Microfiche To PDF

Are you looking to convert microfiche to pdf? Microfiche and Microfilm were once vital devices used to store data such as drawings, plans or information. These were convert microfiche to pdfcommonly utilised by Engineering, Finance and HR departments to store drawings, plans, accounts or personnel information.

Accessing this information can still be crucial, however, it can often be costly or cause delays for key projects or maintenance purposes. Issues experienced with accessing information stored using these methods include:-

  • Special equipment is needed to read and duplicate microfiche and microfilm cards, these machines can cost as much as £1000, not to mention that the supply of this equipment is dwindling.
  • Files stored on microfiche or microfilm cannot be indexed in the same way as digital files, this can take up huge amounts of staff time searching for information.
  • Documents stored in this way are not easily sent from one person to another, therefore the costs associated with sending files can soon add up, not to mention the risk of information getting lost in transit.
  • Colour tones fade or degrade when exposed the bright light of the reader.

Cleardata provides microfiche and microfilm scanning services, giving you quick, easy access to your information. There is no need to purchase expensive reading equipment. Our scanning bureau can convert microfiche to pdf for you using the latest technology.

How can microfiche scanning help?

  • Our drivers will collect information from any UK location, using tracked vehicles. Your records will be diverted to our secure, accredited scanning bureau where they will be tracked throughout every movement, using clever barcode technology.
  • Cleardata’s scanning team will digitise your records, producing high-quality images. Based on your requirements, scanned images will be converted to your chosen format e.g. TIFF, JPEG or PDF.
  • Images are 200% quality checked by our QA team.
  • Once your files are in digital format, information can be indexed, using pre-agreed naming conventions. This will allow your team to retrieve information fast and efficiently.
  • Your images can also be uploaded to our cloud document management system, allowing you to access important information from any location, using a web browser.

If you are looking to convert microfiche to pdf, contact our friendly team on 0800 046 8081.