Need social distancing office space? Store files offsite or digitise

Facilities Management Challenges  Office Space, Go Paperless, Covid Secure
As many companies prepare to come back to work following the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new way of working is required due to changing government regulations. Being “Covid Secure” poses many challenges, with Business, Facilities and Office Managers faced with extensive risk assessments and key challenges to ensure staff are working safely and socially distanced.  

The density of people will be key to office planning and could direct future office planning models. Staggered start times, flexible working patterns and even a new blended approach of working, with a proportion of people working from home and the office becoming the new norm for the immediate and distant future until a vaccine is found for Coronavirus. 

Office Space
In order to get people back to work, office layouts will need to be reviewed with a variety of measures such as  2 metre spacing added between employees, screens introduced and even back to back working where necessary, to ensure appropriate social distancing measures are met.  

Create More Space
Cleardata’s traditional and digital document management services can help businesses free up valuable office space and help move towards a more flexible working environment. 

For Facilities or Office Managers, completing a review of floor area taken up by filing cabinets, documents and archives is a good start. If you have row upon row of filing cabinets, this space could definitely be utilised more productively.  

Paperwork can be stored offsite, in lower-cost but secure archive storage warehousing, freeing your premium office space for employees. Digitisation is also an option.  Find out how Cleardata’s range of document management services can help below:-

Document Scanning
Digitising documents can create large amounts of office space, providing additional workstations in your office. Scanning bureaus like Cleardata digitise over 5 million documents every month using the latest Kodak scanning technology in a secure environment. Once scanned, digitised data can be efficiently indexed, enabling information to be found quickly using a keyword search.  Image and metadata can then be uploaded to your online document management system, providing flexible access for both office staff and homeworkers. 

Offsite Storage  
Storing documents offsite should be considered.  Physical documents can be stored securely offsite and retrieved quickly when needed via scan on demand. This allows users to submit a file request via an online portal and the file is retrieved, scanned and returned within a few hours. Offsite storage also brings the benefits of a fully managed storage service, with automated notifications for documents reaching their end of life, meaning you only keep information for the necessary time.  A full electronic audit trail is also available, providing a compliant storage service, to meet GDPR requirements. 

Digital Mailroom
Mail can be diverted via a PO Box to Cleardata’s secure digital mailroom. On arrival mail will be opened, sorted and scanned.  Paperwork can be sorted and validated against your business rules and uploaded to a secure document management system for delivery to the correct team or person. 

Cloud Document Management
Digitising your paperwork provides the ability to securely store in the cloud, providing flexible data access to workers, whether working from home or office. Cleardata’s cloud document management system allows information to be tagged by key fields or reference, offering fast search functionality.

To calculate your scanning or storage costs try our calculator tools here.  You can simply enter the volume of filing cabinets to estimate your costs.  Alternatively, contact our team or call 0800 046 8081. 

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