Archive Storage Deeside

Archive Storage Deeside
Cleardata works closely with local businesses to provide an archive storage Deeside service helping companies of all sizes find a solution to their storage needs. Our state of the art and fully secure facilities are used to house records and files of companies of all sizes and natures and offer the perfect storage area. The company also offers a fast document retrieval system, known as scan on demand, that will electronically send specific documents to the customer within 2 hours of when it was first requested.

Cleardata’s premises are protected against a number of potential threats thanks to an incredible range of security features. The premises are monitored 24 hours a day through CCTV and are complete with anti-fire and flooding damage controls. On top of this, each area of the facilities is accessible through biometric fingerprint identification entry meaning only individuals with approval can enter any given zone.

The company has taken every effort to ensure the most protected environment possible. To prove this, Cleardata have been awarded with several accreditations and awards, including many associated with confidentiality, quality standards and legal admissibility.

To back this up, all staff employed by Cleardata have been DBS checked. They’re also trained to the fullest levels, providing the knowledge to carry out operations with best practices and the highest levels of quality and protection.

If you decide that Archive storage Deeside services can help your business, company drivers will come to your location and collect your paperwork in a vehicle from our tracked fleet. Fully traceable and completely secure, these vehicles provide unbeatable transit when it comes to safeguarding your documents.

Once your records and files arrive with us, they are checked in with barcoding and safely stored away. If you need electronic versions of your documents, our dedicated scanning bureau can digitise your files and send them back in your desired format.

Archive Storage Deeside Benefits

Thanks to Cleardata’s services, many Deeside businesses have found a comprehensive storage solution offering benefits such as:

  • Fast retrieval – If you need any of your documents, we can find them instantly and send them to you electronically in your specified format
  • Space savings – Outsourcing document storage means there’s more space to carry out operations
  • Effective compliance – Cleardata operates in line with a number of conformity and compliance guidelines

For further details about our archive storage Deeside services call 0800 046 8081 today or use our instant quote tool online now!Quick Quote