Digital Mailroom Services

Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom Services

Cleardata offers outsourced digital mailroom services for businesses throughout the UK.   Outsourcing incoming mail can help your company drastically reduce ongoing costs and speed up existing mail room processes. Our secure mailroom facility is accredited for information & cyber security, with information tracked throughout the process.   The company can handle both physical and digital incoming mail and has invested in IT systems to route your data to the correct place.  Our cloud document management system, Cleardox EDM provides fast access to your digitised mail from any location.

digital mailroom services from cleardata

Mailroom & Scanning Service

  • Inbound Mail received by Cleardata, physical or digital
  • Outsourcing team will open and sort documents by type.
  • Any returns can be processed
  • Cheques can be securely banked on your behalf, by arrangement
  • Documents prepared for scanning, with extra elements such as paper clips and staples removed.
  • Document scanned using Kodak i5800 scanners, capturing at a rate of 410 images per minute.
  • 2 x 100% quality checking process, digital images checked by two separate members of our team
  • Data can be automatically extracted from your documents using intelligent data capture software.
  • These digital files are then indexed in-line with the factors requested. Common factors include names, customer numbers, invoice numbers and dates.
  • Finally, the journey of your digital documents makes it back to you, with the files being uploaded to an on-line document management system for you to access, or alternatively via secure FTP site upload. The physical documents are retained for a pre-determined period, before being securely destroyed to data protection standards.
  • Workflow can be applied to route your documents to the correct person in your organisation.
  • We will provide a confirmed processing time within our original Service Level Agreement, leaving you safe in the knowledge of when you can access your scanned documents.

Why Choose Cleardata?

  • Accredited Digital Mailroom Services: Information security, cyber security  and quality management systems
  • Innovation and latest scanning technology: Our bureau features high production scanners, combined with intelligent data capture solutions
  • Quality promise: All images scanned are quality checked by two separate operators
  • 11 million images scanned each month: we specialise in high production, bulk digital mailroom scanning


Transferring to a more efficient Digital Mailroom can cut your company’s manual handling costs, as well as allowing authorised staff members the ability toCleardata access electronic documents without moving from their computer.

By eliminating the need for your company to handle incoming mail, your business also has the freedom to focus time and resources on more important business activities.

We take a personal approach when providing an outsourced mailroom solution, offering a professional consultation to review existing mailroom processes. This initial discussion is led by our prince2 trained consultation team. So whether it’s invoices or credit notes, purchase orders or insurance claims, we can produce the most suitable time and cost-saving solution for your business, based on your needs.

Cleardata’s Digital Mailroom Services team are set up to handle all types of incoming mail, as well as being able to efficiently handle high volumes of documents, thanks to our industry-leading scanning equipment.

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Digital Mailroom Process

Cleardata secure digital mailroom services can be provided to meet your business service levels, e.g. same day or next day. The digital mailroom process can include:-

  • Mail re-direction – Our team will advise and support your business in re-directing post either via a Royal Mail re-direction or via a PO Box.
  • Opening and sorting mail – Mail will be opened and sorted in accordance with your usual business rules.
  • Scanning – Documents are scanned to high-quality digital image using the latest Kodak technology, with each image checked by two operatives.
  • Gone aways – Reporting can be provided for gone aways, with details for follow up and database cleansing.
  • Original documents – Cherished or original documents will be logged, securely stored and can be returned by tracked mail to suit your requirements.
  • Cheques – Cleardata can scan, record and bank your cheques via a secure G4S service. Reporting can be provided for your Finance Team.
  • Automatic data extraction – Cleardata uses Kofax software to intelligently extract data from incoming mail.
  • Data validation – We can validate data against existing databases, to ensure compliance. This is particularly useful for transactional documents such as invoices, credit notes or claims forms.
  • Exception management – Exception reporting can be provided for documents that don’t meet your compliance requirements
  • Automatic emails – Responses can be set up for non-compliant documents.
  • Digital data and image return – The image and digital data can be returned via a secure SFTP site for upload and workflow into your own business systems, or alternatively we can upload and store in our cloud document management system, providing fast and easy access.
  • Secure archive or destruction – Once scanned documents can be stored in our secure document storage facility, securely shredded or returned.

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MailRoom - CleardataDoes your company have issues managing invoices or other documents when they arrive by mail? Opening, sorting and processing thousands of documents that arrive at your company by email and post can be a time consuming task, particularly if your organisation is regularly inundated with incoming mail. BPO services, such as outsourcing your mailroom, can significantly improve business processes and efficiencies within your company, as well as introduce a number of benefits that can have a positive impact on your business.

Cleardata is UK based company certified for Information Security and Quality Management Systems.  Our digital and physical mail room services can help save your company valuable time and money on manually sorting through incoming  post. Both services remove labour-intensive processes from your organisation and enables time to be spent on more business-critical activities. The company can manage and process any type of documents that your company receives, such as invoices, cheques, insurance claims, marketing materials and customer response forms.

Digital Mailroom – Automatically sort incoming emails and digital documents

Utilising our digital mailroom can save employees searching through a number of emails and sorting out important documents every day. The company will set up a unique email inbox to receive your mail electronically. Once your documents have been delivered, the emails will be sorted automatically using our specialised software, based on your rules and the relevant data will be instantly extracted.

The files can also be indexed and OCR’d, allowing information to be searched for easily. For instance, incoming marketing returns can be indexed by name, customer number and address. Previously scanned records can also be emailed and processed in the same way as typed ones. Once documents are categorised, the data can be send back in any format that you require, such as excel or pdf.

This automated solution can also be used for tasks such as accounts payable paperwork e.g. incoming electronic invoices can be emailed to a virtual mailbox for processing. Cleardata can automatically open, sort and extract the relevant information from your invoices which often arrive in multiple formats.

Find out how we helped Blackstone Group speed up their invoice processes by utilising a digital mailroom, allowing them more time to extend the company to other European countries.

Manual Mailroom – Divert your post to be manually opened and sorted

Using Cleardata’s BPO services and diverting your documents to our managed mailroom can remove your company’s manual processes of sorting through all incoming mail. The company will set up a PO Box for your paper documents to be redirected to. Upon arrival, all files will be opened, prepared and sorted into documentation type.

The documents will also be scanned using the company’s high production Kodak Alaris scanners, digitising the files. Every image is scanned with our 200% quality checking service, ensuring the highest quality is reached. After they’ve been scanned, information is instantly extracted from the documents accordingly.

The data can be sent back in any required format that complies with your relevant systems. Information can also be sent back by SFTP or uploaded to our cloud document management system. The original paperwork will be retained for an agreed duration and then securely destroyed upon confirmation.

Read our case study on how we helped Virgin Care cope with an increased demand by receiving and processing their invoices by diverting their mail.

The benefits of diverting your mail

The major benefits of outsourcing your mail to Cleardata’s manual and digital mailroom includes:

  • Increased process times – Automating the process of your mail room will save your company significant time in manually opening and sorting every letter
  • Reduced costs – Digitising and indexing your documents will save your business money in paying employees to physically open every piece of mail on-site. It also saves paper costs and storage fees.
  • Becoming paperless & saving office space – Having your documents digitised allows your company to become paperless and also saves office space by eliminating filing cabinets
  • Increase data accuracy & quality – As Cleardata provided a 200% quality checking service, data will be accurate and of high quality
  • Faster document retrieval – Indexing your documents allows files to be searched and retrieved faster and easier
  • Improve efficiency – Automating your mailroom processes increases company efficiency and productivity

For further information on Cleardata’s BPO services and how your company can benefit from outsourcing their mail room, call the team on 0800 046 8081 today.

Benefits In Summary

Key benefits of our Digital Mailroom Service include:

  • Reduced costs -By having your mail digitised and indexed, you will no longer have to allocate staff members to manually process documents on-site.
  • Greater security – Your mail will be diverted to our secure facility, providing a guaranteed safe home for your private documents. After being scanned, your digital files are then accessible only by authorised members of staff, who can view a clearly defined audit trail to track when documents have been accessed, as well as identifying exactly who has accessed them.
  • Saved Space – No more physical documents also means no need to retain space for incoming mail, allowing your business to remove their current mai lroom or re-utilise the space for core business activities.
  • Faster retrieval -All digital documents are indexed by a custom series of factors, which we can decide on during our initial consultation. Gone are the days of frantically searching through old letters to find one particular piece of information, as a simple electronic search can bring up the data you need, quickly and efficiently.
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