Digitisation & Document Management Can Enable Efficient Homeworking

The Coronavirus is rapidly developing in the UK and has resulted in a huge proportion of employees working from home, which could go on for several months. Businesses may not be fully prepared for this situation and as a result face challenges such as access to paperwork and data, as well as remaining compliant with data protection regulations.Digitisation & Document Management Enables Homeworking

HR records are a key example, with companies trying to assess health risks for key workers, arrange homeworking and communicate effectively, lack of document access could prove to be a problem.

Cleardata can help improve your business continuity, productivity and keep your business running smoothly through our range of document management and digitisation services. These include document scanning, cloud document management, offsite document storage with digital retrieval and outsourced digital mailroom.

Our Top Four Document Management Services For Homeworking

1) Outsourced Digital Mailroom

If you’re having an issue accessing your usual place of work, incoming mail can be redirected to our secure facility. The digital mailroom team can open, sort and scan it, based on your rules, and make it available to you on the same day via our cloud document management system. This allows your home based workforce to securely access information and action it appropriately.

Cleardata’s Digital Mailroom uses Kodak i5800 scanners to capture paperwork to a high digital quality. Scanned images are checked by two separate members of our team before they are indexed according to your requirements.

2) Document Scanning

Cleardata’s scanning bureau can digitise any size or type of document, with over 5 million images captured per month. Images can be returned to you in any required format for import into existing business systems via PDF, Tiff or JPEG. Alternatively our team can upload them to our cloud based document management system, providing fast access for staff from any location.

3) Cloud Document Management

Cloud Document Management provides secure, flexible access to documents for home workers. Multiple users can access the data from any location. It acts as a digital filing cabinet, allowing your business to easily store, search and retrieve information.

The Cleardox EDM system provides an innovative ClearSearch feature enabling employees to find information quickly, with the ability to search and view associated documents from other products using a quick key.

Security is built into this product, with GDPR in mind. A full audit trail is available by user, time, date and document access, enabling you to remain compliant with regulations and legal responsibilities.

4) Robotic Process Automation

Cleardata’s Robocloud Service offers Robotic Process Automation that can automate a variety of manual and paper heavy processes including data entry, data validation and data migration. The digital workforce can work around the clock to provide your home based employees with work ready data as and when it is needed – the robots don’t need breaks, don’t get ill and don’t need sleep!

A key example of RPA can be seen in Automated Claims Processing. The digital workforce can carry out activities such as sending automated emails to clients, identifying incoming claims documents, key dates and text, and creating workflow tasks for caseworkers. This enables caseworkers to carry out activities quickly and spend more time on profitable tasks, improving communication with clients in the process.

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