Digitise Accounts Records For Improved Document Management

Across the UK, accountants are required to manage and retain extensive accounts records to maintain compliance. Paperwork can soon mount up, taking valuable office space and creating costly and time-consuming processes to manage and find information efficiently. Covid-19 has created other challenges such as; accessing records from multiple locations and implementing flexible working practices.Accounts Record Management

Cleardata offers a range of document management solutions for accountants, from document scanning with cloud document management access, to secure archive storage and shredding services. Our team can efficiently digitise accounts records such as expenses, receipts, invoices, purchase orders, sales books and banking documentation to support flexible home working and compliant records management.

Improve Accounting Document Management
How can Cleardata document management services improve accounts record management to support your accountants?

  • Create a paperless office and free up valuable space
  • Back-up and protect important accounting documents
  • Enable home working through records digitisation and securely storing using our cloud document management system
  • GDPR compliance – improve compliance by indexing records with clear retention dates
  • Document security and audit trail – restrict access to data by user, role or department and monitor activity with a full audit trail
  • Automated document and invoice processing – speed up invoice data capture and eliminate data entry errors.

Accounting Document Scanning
Cleardata’s secure scanning bureau digitises around 5 million images per month and is accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security, ISO9001 for Quality Management and BS 10008 for Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information. We use the latest Kodak scanning technology and conduct a full quality checking process. Our service approach:-

  • Collection throughout the UK
  • Full audit trail throughout the digitisation process
  • Access documents throughout the process using scan on demand
  • Accounting documents will be prepared by our team for scanning, removing all staples, paperclips and tags.
  • Intelligent preparation by document type – save time searching for information such as:-
    • Invoices
    • Purchase orders
    • Claims
    • Expenses
    • Cheques
    • Receipts
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – OCR is applied to scanned account documents, allowing information to be searched quickly and easily using keyword search functionality. Save time, increase data accuracy and reduce costs.
  • Data Indexing – Our team can index (digitally file) your documents to suit your business needs e.g. data can be indexed by client name, reference number and postcode. We can validate indexed data against existing databases to ensure it is correct. Rules and exceptions are agreed during project set up
  • Documents presented in any required format including PDF, JPEG or TIFF and digitally returned via SFTP, DVD, CD, USB or our cloud document management system.
  • Following scanning, physical accounts records can be returned to your business, stored in our secure archive facility or destroyed by Cleardata using industrial shredding equipment. A certificate of destruction is provided.

Automated Invoice Processing
Using intelligent data capture, we’re able to automatically extract data from invoices such as invoice number, amount, or purchase order, allowing fast and efficient processing. The information is checked by our team and imported into your existing financial systems, saving time on data entry and increasing accuracy. Find out how Cleardata helped The Blackstone Group LLP.

Cleardata also offers an automated invoice exception handling service to help you improve payment times, reduce manual processing costs and effectively handle invoicing peaks and troughs. Using intelligent data capture, invoices are checked for duplicates, missing data and discrepancies before being validated. If invoices do not coincide with your rules, they are marked as an exception and diverted to authorised employees for easy approval or rejection.

Cheque Processing
Outsource incoming cheques to our secure digital mailroom for opening, sorting and scanning. Our digital mailroom has assigned staff, separate broadband and entry access to ensure the highest security for your financial data. Cheques are digitised and uploaded to our cloud document management system for verification before they are banked on your behalf.

Document Storage
Outsource accounts record storage to Cleardata’s secure facility where they will be protected by enhanced security and fire detection systems.

  • Collection – Cleardata provides a full collection and boxing up service from anywhere in the UK
  • Go paperless and free up valuable office space
  • Online Archive Management – Our Cleardox AMS solution allows you to easily manage accounts records stored offsite, providing:-
    • An online statement of archives stored.
    • Easy access via the cloud from any location
    • Full audit trail of interaction and retrieval requests
    • Fast access to archived documents with our Scan on Demand solution. Request accounts records for retrieval and scanning, and our team will digitally return them to you within hours
    • Maintain compliance – our team can index documents on arrival to ensure retention dates and key information is available for monitoring
    • Manage document life-cycles with automated notifications for archives ready for destruction
  • Cleardata offers a secure document shredding service compliant with BS EN 15713 regulations

Electronic Document Management
Cleardata’s low-cost cloud based document management system, Cleardox EDM acts as one central digital filing cabinet, providing secure, flexible access to accounts records from any location to support remote working and social distancing practices.

Cleardox EDM capabilities include:-

  • Inbuilt PDF viewing tool – easily view high quality scanned images
  • User permission management – restrict access to ensure accounting documents are securely viewed by authorised users only regardless of location
  • Data tagging – records are saved with metadata to ensure they’re indexed in a consistent and classified manner to help you maintain compliance
  • Electronic audit trail – monitor document activity efficiently by action, user, time and date
  • Version control – stay up to date with version number, size and date, ensuring full accuracy
  • Fast search feature – quickly search for records with keywords, favourite searches and advanced search features
  • ClearSearch – streamline accounts processes by efficiently searching and viewing associated documents from other products and systems, such as Sage
  • Workflow management – where physical invoices are uploaded to the cloud, key information can be captured, interpreted and presented for verification. Following this, the digitised invoices will enter a workflow, routed to assigned users for validation, approval and payment via your own financial systems
  • Easily upload documents from your desktop

To learn more about Cleardata Accounts Record Management Services and how they can improve your accounts processes contact us today on 0800 046 8081 or try one of our calculator tools.

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