Digitise And Automate Your Legal Conveyancing Processes

Legal Conveyancing can be a lengthy process,  to transfer the ownership of land or property from one person to another.  Manually processing this paper documentation can be costly for legal practices.  Taking up valuable staff time and money.

Many solicitors and legal practices are now looking to automate these manual processes by outsourcing their documents to be digitally captured and recognised using intelligent capture software. Bureaus like Cleardata can help practices to speed up their Conveyancing Processes through a range of outsourced services including:-

  • Digital Mail Room – Documents are diverted to our secure, accredited bureau.  Our operatives will open them and sort as required.
  • Document Scanning – Conveyancing Records, such as Environmental Searches, Flood Records, Land Registry,  Furniture & Contents, Boundary Information or Buyer Enquiries can be digitised on arrival.  Cleardata uses high volume, production scanners to provide digital images of  the best quality, with all scanned images quality checked by two separate operators.
  • Intelligent Data Capture Software –  Used to automatically extract data from paperwork.  Customer or case reference number, address, document type or even strings of text can be extracted and matched against existing databases to verify information.  Cutting down on tasks such as data entry, reducing manual errors and increasing the quality of your data.
  • Unreferenced records can be identified and verified.  The intelligent software will intelligently read the whole record, to analyse the document type, using weighted rules.  E.g. Can a string of text be recognised?  such as “Contents Enquiry”, Is there one or more address on the record? The software can then check the existing conveyancing datafile and match it against existing information, providing a reference for your team to work from.
  • Cloud Document Management – Data and images can be returned via FTP for import into existing legal systems or uploaded to our secure cloud document management system. Once in the cloud, data can be automatically routed, using workflow technology,  to the right person in your practice to process.

Automated processing enables your legal staff to focus on your core business activities, making money for your legal practice, and reducing time spent on manual paperwork processing. For further details about Cleardata’s Outsourced Services Call 0800 046 8081 or use our contact us form.