Digitise and Manage Fleet Vehicle Documents With Cleardata

Fleet managers are often inundated with fleet vehicle documents relating to hundreds, potentially thousands of vehicles, and this can make administration more complicated than it needs to be. A common issue experienced is having paperwork such as service records readily available for compliance and insurance purposes, or even for the re-sale of the company fleet. 

A few questions to check how efficiently you’re currently operating…

  • Do you know where all of your fleet documentation is at any one time?
  • Are records readily available in the event of an incident?
  • How much is the loss of service records costing your business?
  • Who has access to the information?
  • Is your records management system GDPR compliant?

Digitising your documents and storing them in a cloud document management system can help support your business’ fleet in managing vehicle documents efficiently and ensuring records are only retained for the required period. 

Not only that,  you’ll save valuable time for you and your team, as the sheer volume of fleet vehicle documents can create hours of sorting, manual data entry tasks, and filing. 

For businesses who choose to digitise these records themselves, employees can use a lot of time scanning documents, which can be frustrating if utilising low performing scanning technology.  Quality issues often require staff to spend hours re-scanning documents. 

You’ll also benefit from reducing the amount of office space used for storing your paperwork. 

Vehicle documents generally include:-

  • Service records and documentation
  • Insurance documents
  • Claim forms
  • Maintenance plans/documents
  • Driving license copies
  • Penalty notices
  • Safety checks

Improve your fleet vehicle document processes

Cleardata offers document scanning and cloud document management services throughout the UK.  Our service includes digitising and indexing your records to ensure information can be found quickly and easily.  Digital Fleet Vehicle Documentation

Cleardata is assured for information security and all scanned images are digitised to BS 10008 standards for legal admissibility of electronic information.   Fleet vehicle documentation can be uploaded to our secure cloud document management system, providing flexible access from any location.

Here’s how:

  • Documentation will be collected and transported to one of our secure facilities
  • The documentation is checked in, scanned, and indexed to your specifications i.e. Reg, VIN, driver name
  • Once scanned, files can either be returned via SFTP or uploaded to our Cleardox EDM cloud document management system, providing secure permissions-based access from any location
  • Physical documents can then either be shredded, archived, or returned to you
  • If you choose to archive your documentation with us, we’ll support you throughout their lifecycle to ensure that you stay compliant
  • The whole process is auditable to protect the integrity of your documents 

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