Digitise HR Records – Improve Data Access & Business Continuity

As lockdown eases and more businesses prepare to return to the office, we start to consider how the ‘new normal’ way of working will look.

One big takeaway from this year is that many jobs can be done from home. Before COVID-19, remote work wasn’t an option for some companies, but now it is a necessity in order to prevent the spread of the virus and continue operating safely. 

Employers are faced with government guidelines to be Covid Secure in order to re-open, but they also need to think how their business processes will adapt to accommodate these changes post-pandemic, as the possibilities of remote working and social distancing stay ingrained in our society.

This raises several questions for HR departments:-

  • How can the HR team access HR files remotely?
  • How to update employees files remotely?
  • How to keep track of who’s accessed records?
  • How to ensure GDPR compliance?

By digitising your documents with Cleardata, many of these HR issues can be solved. Digitisation and remote access to HR records is important for almost every business. By digitising the vital documents that the HR team needs access to, you enable them to efficiently work from home, without compromising data security by taking physical files offsite. 

Another key benefit is creating more space in your office.  This can help create sufficient social distancing, so that everyone feels safe when returning to work. Employees also won’t have to pass physical documents between each other, minimising risk.

HR Scanning Services
Cleardata’s scanning bureau digitises millions of images every month, using the latest Kodak scanning technology in a secure environment.   

Our bureau provides full data indexing services and can add any required metadata to your HR records, to allow fast and easy search capabilities.  HR records can be found quickly and easily using keyword search, providing the ability to find by fields such as employee name, number or date of birth.   

As part of the scanning process, Cleardata can intelligently prepare your HR records. Separating by document type is helpful for GDPR compliance purposes, with employees having the right to be forgotten, this allows you to identify the documents that can be destroyed, from those which need to be retained for a period of time for legal purposes.  

Separator sheets can be added to files during the preparation process to allow the identification of contract documents from right to work, disciplinary/grievance, sickness/absence, medical, training or pension records.  Read our HR document management guide for further details. 

Once all your files are scanned, our team can send them back securely via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) for import into your existing systems, or we can upload them to our secure cloud document management system, Cleardox EDM.   

Cloud Document Management
Cleardox EDM allows your HR records to be securely stored in the cloud, based in a UK data centre meeting government levels of security.  

The document management system provides:-

  • Flexible access for remote HR workers to manage HR Files. 
  • Fast search, with keyword, wildcard, favourite search and advanced search features.
  • Easy to view – HR files can be viewed within the system using an inbuilt PDF viewing tool, which allows you to view bookmarks and copy OCR text. 
  • Data tagging – Records can be tagged in a consistent manner, providing metadata for every single employee record.  With inherent metadata embedded at a folder level. 
  • Document upload – documents can be uploaded from your desktop, with windows style functionality.
  • Access control – the system allows advanced document control, with the ability to create access via easy to set up document groups. 

Document Storage
Another option to allow remote access to HR records is to store securely offsite.  Cleardata’s storage facility features an onsite scanning bureau, providing a scan on demand service where records can be requested online, retrieved, scanned and securely returned within hours of the initial request. 

Archived files will be indexed on arrival, allowing the team to find them quickly. We can also add retention dates and provide automated notifications via our Cleardox Archive Management System when documents reach their end of life.   Industrial shredding equipment is available at our site, so we can provide destruction services when required. 

Cleardata’s range of HR document management services can help prepare your business for crisis management. From digitising your HR records to providing a cloud document management solution, or even securely storing offsite, our team can help your business to continue to operate efficiently should anything unexpected happen again; from global pandemic to an office flood. 

Contact us today on 0800 046 8081 to find out more about our HR Scanning and Document Management Services, or try our scanning calculator to calculate your costs.