Business Intelligence & Dashboard Reporting

Cleardata offers an on-line Panintelligence dashboard reporting solution,  to provide  real time  business intelligence, bringing together information from multiple sources and databases, in an easy to understand format.  The dashboard solution offers:-

  • Dashboard view of KPI & Management Data – A single dashboard bringing together real-time data from multiple departments, databases and sources e.g.  Financial Information, Manufacturing, Operations and HR
  • Customised dashboards – Customise your business dashboards. Easy to use, flexible system. Dashboards can track individual, team and corporate goals in real time.
  •  Real time Reporting – Access real time information from any location, using a web browser. Get instant access to your data on the move from mobile device or tablet.
  •  Trigger based email alerts – Instant trigger based email alerts to keep your management team up to date on real time business information.  Find out if you’re company is  working to target or underperforming.
  •  Secure access – Set up users to only access information relevant to their role.
  •  Training – Minimal training is required, allowing your team to amend your dashboards without the support of your IT team.

In the current climate you need to keep on top of your targets and key performance indicators. Reviewing daily reports outputted via spreadsheets and systems generated data can mean huge financial losses e.g.  lost revenue due to manufacturing, operational issues or employees underperforming.

Live, real time dashboard reporting solutions can help you monitor your business activities and make instant decisions to help your company identify immediate issues,  saving money and improving efficiencies.

Streamline your business intelligence and  reporting

Summarise your business information in one simple view from multiple database sources, e.g. financial spreadsheets, operational performance and HR statistics.

Allow your management teams to monitor real time information and KPI’s easily, accessible from any location using a web browser.  Set up target and performance based triggers to receive email alerts when your business is working to target or under performing.

Dashboard reporting enables your team to drill down using dynamic charts.  Providing rule based and divergent data exploration.  This means you  can  compare data from various divisions or separate entities of your business, in an understandable format, no more trawling through spreadsheets and reports in multiple formats, Choose graphs, charts or tables to suit your business needs and pull in the data from many sources.

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