Business Process Outsourcing

Cleardata offers the best in business process outsourcing for companies all over the UK. We can remove manual processes from your organisation and offer a range of service level driven solutions to save your company time and money.

BPO Services

Cleardata can manage your incoming mail – opening, sorting and handling returns for you.  We have a secure mail-room, combined with a professional scanning bureau to digitise your documents on arrival.  Our scanning and capture software can also automatically extracts key data from within your documents. Our document management and workflow solutions will let you share digital documents to enable communication and collaboration, automatically routing your data to the right person in your business to query, process or authorise.

Our experienced team of consultants are on hand to help capture and review your current paper systems and identify the best fit future process to suit your business and budget.

Cleardata provides accredited, secure services. Our company premises and processes have been designed to processes bulk document volumes, digitising over 3 million images per month. We’ve invested in the latest scan and capture technology and manage service level agreements for financial, NHS and public sector clients.

Business Process Outsourcing - PCI Compliant

Our bureau is certified for PCI Compliance for the handling financial documentation, with secure operating zones set up for individual clients. We’re also ISO27001 certified for Information Security and ISO9001 certified for Quality Management Systems. Our staff are NPPV (Non Police Personnel Vetting) level 2 cleared.

Our business process outsourcing bureau provides a range of services to help you including:

  • Mail room operations – sorting mail and returns, mail room scanning, online document management or upload to ftp. This solution is commonly used to process claims, invoices, complaints and any type of bulk incoming mail.
  • Intelligent data capture – scanning documents and extracting key information to avoid manual data entry, increase accuracy and reduce processing costs
  • Data entry services – capturing the data from your paper documents and converting your information to digital format. Search your information quickly and easily and improve your data capture accuracy.
  • Document scanning services – preparing and scanning your paperwork to digital format. Digital indexing to enable search and retrieval. You can output your documents to any format you require.
  • Document workflow and management solutions – using the latest document workflow and document management solutions to send  your digital documents to the correct staff member for review, query or approval. Taking the manual processes out of your organisation, with efficient automated solutions.
  • Archive storage – securely storing live files offsite to free up office space, combined with scan on demand retrieval, allowing fast access to documents stored offsite.

If you are interested in discussing your business process outsourcing requirements please get in touch with a member of our team today.

If you require more details then please call 0800 046 8081 or make use of our document management enquiry tool now!Quick Quote
  • Save time – Outsource your mail room operations to Cleardata and allow your staff to focus on your core business activities, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
  • Save money – Reduce the costs of your paper processing and stationary costs
  • Save office space – Free your business from paperwork and save valuable office space
  • Increase accuracy – Capture your data electronically and reduce human error in your data capture.
  • Validation – Validate your data against key criteria and rules.
  • Protection – Once scanned your paperwork will be backed up and protected, avoiding data loss from fire or theft.  Only allow access to employees with the necessary authorisation.
If you require more details then please call 0800 046 8081 or make use of our document management enquiry tool now!Quick Quote